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Benefits Of Using Tampons

As a woman, the monthly period comes, and many ladies sometimes fear this because they know that it will be another few days or a week of discomfort feeling when it comes.

If you are still using the traditional napkin, changing and considering organic tampons should be regarded as already. You might be asking why tampons, to help you get started and to convince you further about using it, read this article.

Woman choosing tampons in supermarket

Advantages Of Using Tampons

You might be asking why do you need to switch to tampons considering that you have been using regular napkins for a long time already.

To help you understand and realize that this indeed is a better choice, read below:

  • They are more comfortable to use

It is more comfortable to use than napkins as it is inserted inside the vagina; hence you do not feel the blood coming out and staying on your pads.

Wearing pads during a period can make you feel sticky as the blood of your period remains on the pad, making it feel uncomfortable and giving you the yucky feeling.

If you want comfort despite your period, this, without a doubt, is a good option to consider.

But just so you know, discomfort may be experienced in the early part of using the tampon, but once you get used to it, you will know that this indeed is a good option to consider.

  • It does not stain your underwear.

The tampon catches the blood right before it goes out of your body; hence you do not need to worry about your underwear getting stained because it won’t happen unless the tampon is already full and you still did not change it.

Bloodstains on underwear can be very hard to remove; bloodstains will not occur through tampons.

  • It is smaller to carry

Yes, it is a lot smaller than napkins; hence, carrying it anywhere you go is not as hard.

You can keep it in a small pouch or insert it in your pocket.

Tampons do not occupy a huge space in your bag; hence bringing them even every day is not a hassle.

  • It gives you a cleaner feeling.

Who wants the sticky feeling of blood sticking down there until they change their pads?

Tampons can help you maintain your freshness and coolness despite having a period.

Some tampons eliminate blood odor, making you feel confident to face anyone.

  • It lets you move freely.

It lets you move freely as it is inserted and stays inside the vagina unless you remove it.

It will move when you move and will not get dislocated.

To make sure that you are inserting the tampon properly, you must read the instruction set by the tampon manufacturer.

Once you try this, you will find it easy to insert and remove tampons the next time. Inserting it properly is very easy to learn and do; hence you should not worry.


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