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BEKA Bain Marie Brings Ease to the Kitchen

There’s a fancy name for PERFECT double-boiler, BEKA Bain Marie. It’s a double-walled pot that makes melting chocolate, heating milk, and making pudding simple. We’re talking no boiling over and no burning.

My kiddos are pudding fiends. We make the homemade pudding a few nights a week. They love to help and eating it warm is such a delicious reward. With the BEKA Bain Marie, even five year old, Li’l Man, can help. He gets to stir and I don’t have to worry about it boiling over or getting scorched! It’s perfect every time.

Zac used the BEKA Bain Marie to melt chocolate to make chocolate-dipped strawberries. There was no drama as we tried to improvise a pan in water while stirring and adding chocolate. That’s right, the circus of cooking has left thanks to BEKA.

BEKA Bain Marie

BEKA Bain Marie Makes amazing pudding!

It’s summer and one of our absolute favorite summer indulgences is Homemade Ice Cream. We use the same recipe my mom grew up on, a rich, creamy custard-based ice cream. In the past, this has been a feat–I’ve burned it, I’ve made a thick glob of paste and I’ve watched it boil over leaving me with more of a mess than ice cream base. That’s behind us now. The BEKA  Bane Marie keeps me in check and creates a custard smooth as satin.

The handle of the Bain Marie has a hole. Into this hole, the user pours approximately one cup of water. Adding too much will cause it to spit, which gets into the pot and the ingredients. As the Bain Marie heats, steam will sizzle, indicating the pot is ready. Our pudding has never been so smooth. At 1.7 liters, there’s plenty of room for stirring!

I do wish the BEKA Bain Marie had an indicator of how much water remained in the pot. I was nervous the first couple of times I used it thinking the water would evaporate.

Making the BEKA Bain Marie an even better tool is the cool-to-the-touch handle and measuring guide on the inside of the pan.

My thoughts on the BEKA Bain Marie is that it really is a beautiful thing!


About BEKA:

Founded in 1899, Beka combines over 100 years of engineering excellence with a young and ambitious spirit. This experience and determination has given birth to the brand new Eco-Logic cookware utilizing high-tech Bekadura non-stick coatings to promote healthier lifestyles and a safer environment. Using quality materials and the latest in advanced manufacturing processes Beka creates products that are built to last while setting new standards in the cookware industry. For more information please visit the BEKA website 

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