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Bear With Me, Please

Dear Readers;

This is a personal message asking you to please bear with me.

The past four weeks have brought on some challenges that I am working through. As many of you know, I love my grandmother very, very much. She turned 85 on October 7.

Three days before her birthday, she learned that her daughter has stage IV lung, brain and stomach cancer. It will be her second child to die in four years.

She was forced to leave her job–it’s all my grandma knows. Work.

My dear friend, whom I also love, was in a head on car accident. He is doing well. Broken ankle in two places.

My brother is going through some rough times and I worry about him.

I’m sewing Halloween costumes and they don’t seem to be ending! Six adult Care Bears has me never wanting to see another Care Bear. Ever.

My grandma is a mess. She called me three times in less than thirty minutes this morning to ask if she had called me about two upcoming doctor’s appointments. Yup. She had. We went over them and I think we’re good.

Last night my grandma’s last sibling had a massive stroke. She’s two years older than Grandma.

The plate is pretty full on my end. I’m trying to keep up. Bear with me a little while until I get things balanced on my end.

I really appreciate everyone who visits Mommy’s Memorandum. I love the emails and comments left and sent. They mean a lot.

We’ll be back and it’s going to be amazing.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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