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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Gate Barrier

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Our security and that of properties are making innovators identify ideas that can ensure massive protection. While focusing on the safety of the gates, innovators go the extra mile in their resolve to develop user-friendly products. Previous technologies were concerned with designing gates that require manual operation to gain access to a premise. It means that a person had to be employed to open the gate for cars and guests continually. While technology has proved handy for most people who have embraced it, the gate barriers have some weaknesses.

chain link gate closed with heavy chain and lock


Advantages of Gate Barrier

The latest technology of closing and opening the gate continues to attract praise from users.

Observers are also hailing the innovation that focuses on security and low human activities.

The gate barriers are considered a massive success because they have provided remedies that previous technology couldn’t.

Convenient for Drivers

Automated barrier gates have enhanced convenience for drivers.

The technology ensures that the driver remains inside the car as the gate opens and closes after sensing a recognized automobile when driving a car.

The feature saves time for the users, who can reach their destination quicker than the users of traditional barriers.

Improved Security

One aspect that barrier gates have solved is overall security for the people of San Antonio.

With this technology, trespassers are kept at bay because they don’t have the security codes to permit their automatic entry and exit.

If you need a San Antonio electric gate repair to deal with a security malfunction, today, there are specialists from every corner willing to deal with the problem head-on.

All that is needed is to pick a service provider that fully understands the kind of gate you have installed at your premise.

Hiring pros to deal with the problem is also important as they can help initiate ideas and strategies to ensure that your gate is secure at all costs.


Barrier gates can be customized to meet the desire of users.

Their construction fulfills the user’s request.

It means that you can have a small automatic gate that promises the same protection as the more enormous gates.

A user can activate settings that automatically open the gate when the car is 20-30 meters away.

You can use multiple remote controls to enjoy a convenient experience.


These gates are durable because their construction features the use of sturdy materials.

It’s estimated that the security gates can bar a 500 kg vehicle from entering or leaving a place.

The use of electromagnet technology strengthens the barrier.

Check out to learn how.

Safeguards Your Kids and Pets

These modern gates are mindful of the plight of children.

The innovation ensures that children continue to play inside the premises without much interference associated with conventional gates.

If you’re keeping pets, you can be sure that they are safe from interruptions.

On the other hand, dangerous animals will be kept away from your boundaries.

Previously, some people thought the gates were meant for residential; some offices have adopted the technology.

Enhances the Exterior Decoration

Barrier gates are designed in such a way that they enhance an aesthetic appeal.

It isn’t only a tool that boosts your safety (see tips at Life Hack); it is also a decoration that will make your guests admire your home.

Disadvantages of Barrier Gates

Quite Expensive

Like many other technologies, this innovation equally has some weaknesses.

However, the benefits are visibly more than the limitations.

As you had expected, barrier gates are expensive in various aspects.

Buying the gate, installation, and maintenance cost make the innovation of a significant budget.

Besides, most manufacturers offer after-sale services for a particular time; the administration cost becomes expensive when the offer expires.

Highly Dependent on Electricity

Since barrier gates rely on electric power to run the motor, a crisis lurks in cases of a power outage or electrical failure.

Such failure can cause inconvenience, considering that your vehicle cannot go past the unique gate.

Job Loss

The technology cuts down on human employment.

Traditional gates usually have human characters who handle them.

Just like most latest innovations, barrier gates contribute to a massive job loss.

Can Lead to Delays or Injuries In Case of a Malfunction

Considering that the technology requires a high voltage of electric power, malfunctions can cause severe injuries and death.

Besides, the occurrence of incidences of power failure may cause damages to your vehicles.

city filled with pollution

Somewhat Contributes to Environmental Pollution

Environmental enthusiasts have raised concerns about the possibilities of pollution.

The gates are run on motors that use fuel for functionality.

Oil products aren’t eco-friendly because of their level of carbon emission.

However, customers have the option to use biodegradable fuel and cooking oil.

Barrier gates continue to generate discussion proponents and critics, with no faction claiming a victory in the debate.

Based on your needs, barrier gates are tools of convenience for vehicle operators who don’t want to put up with constant interruption of coming out of the car to open the door.

The enticing features come at a cost, but the promise of improved security and user-friendly innovation make them worth our considerations.

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