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A Simple Guide on How to Find a Math Tutor for Your Child

If your child is having trouble in math, you may want to get a math tutor for your child or check out these Math Workbooks for Distance Learning.

Tutoring isn’t taboo.

It’s the exact opposite in many high-performing schools around the nation. 

For example, one Texas school corporation conducted a survey and found that 64% of parents said their students used a private tutor. (Read survey results at Dmagazine)

And 77% of those students needed tutoring help with math. 

If your child is having trouble in math, you may want to get them a math tutor. Keep reading to learn how to find a math tutor for your child.

math tutor teaching boy and girl of different ages math with flashcards


How to Find a Math Tutor for Your Child

Ask Your Child’s Teacher

Your first step when searching for a tutor in mathematics is to ask your student’s teacher. 

Their teacher will know exactly what your child struggles with, whether multiplying double digits or doing basic addition or subtraction in their head. Teachers deal with struggling students every year, and odds are they have a few great tutors to recommend. 

If your student seems to react well to their teacher, you could even ask if they offer tutoring services.

USA Today published an article making it no secret that teachers are paid poorly in the US, so they often take up after-school tutoring jobs to make extra money.

By hiring them, you can help them earn a living wage while letting your child work with someone they’re already comfortable with. 

Get Recommendations from Friends, Coworkers

If your child’s teacher cannot recommend a tutor, ask your friends and coworkers if they know any great private math tutors.

Even if they haven’t talked openly about it, they may have a child who also struggled with math at some point. 

Getting a recommendation from someone you know allows you to trust the recommendation a little better.

They can tell you about their experience, how much the tutor costs, and how much progress their child saw.

Look Online for Tutors Near You

Sometimes, finding the right tutor for your child is as easy as searching for “tutors near me” online. 

Make sure to include their grade level or age when searching.

A math tutor who specializes in calculus won’t be much help to your fourth grader.

Also, if you know what areas of math your child is struggling with, include that with your search as well. 

If you find a tutor online, make sure to meet up with them before the tutoring sessions begin.

Ask for references and visit the location your child will be learning at. 

Knowing How to Find a Math Tutor for Your Child

Knowing how to find a math tutor for your child will help them perform to the best of their abilities at school. 

Keep in mind that if your child is struggling with math, one tutoring session isn’t going to transform them into a genius magically.

Stick to a tutoring plan over time and encourage your child to do their best.

Math may not be their strongest subject, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying. 

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