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9 Costumes to Help Fido Celebrate Halloween

Cats loathe costumes but some dogs positively revel in dressing up for Halloween. Strap on a pair of fairy wings and they begin to strut their stuff, eager to trick-or-treat like a little kid.

Dressing up your dachshund can get pretty pricey, however, without sewing skills or a big budget. Here’s a list of easy and frugal ideas to keep Toto happy come Oct. 31.

black pug dressed as unicorn to celebrate halloween


9 Costumes to Help Fido Celebrate Halloween

1. Octopus

This works best with taller dogs. Stuff pantyhose with a light material, sew eight of them together in a cluster and pin to your dog’s harness.

2. Chippendale Dancer

Cut the collar and cuffs from a disposable white shirt and secure it to a large dog’s neck and front paws.

Create a bow tie out of a strip of black cloth.

Encourage donations by tucking a few $1 bills into their collar.

This works really well if you have a dog able to dance on their hind legs.

3. Little Red Riding Hood

A good costume for a small dog, this one is also easy on the sewing impaired.

Hit Joann Fabrics for a yard of red material with some starch to it, like felt or flannel, and a length of red ribbon.

Cut the material into a hood and cape shape than baste the ribbon to the neck of the hood.

4. Gangsta Pup

Let your street-wise hound go gangsta style with a hoodie and gold medallions.

Make the bling out of Yoplait yogurt lids and pick up a hoodie on the cheap side with a Petsmart coupon from sites like

5. Vampire

Those canine teeth will come in handy when your dog takes on the most popular costume of the decade.

Simply cut a swath of black silk into a cape shape and attach it to the collar.

If you have sewing skills or a glue gun, create a stand-up collar by melding red silk to a cardboard frame.

6. Winged Fairy

Teacup pups might be too tiny to handle wings, but a small dog should be able to pull off this low-cost outfit.

7. Rescue Dog

This one’s natural for a St. Bernard, but even funnier on a small dog.

Strap an empty beer or pop can to their collar and use a long piece of red felt to create a waistband painted with a white cross.

For a humorous twist, larger dogs might be able to handle an empty coffee can instead of the expected beer barrel.

8. Pillow Camel

From all reports, dachshunds enjoy a bit of dress-up now and then.

Turn your wiener dog into a camel by attaching an old sofa pillow in a caramel shade to a center harness.

For a lumpier look, wrap a belt around the middle to give them two humps.

9. Go Pre-made

Wal-Mart has added to its online costume section with an entire line of outfits for dogs.

Here you’ll find everything from maid to sheriff costumes for various size dogs and all at bargain-friendly prices.

And with so many other online Halloween stores selling pet costumes, you’ll likely find something fitting for Fido, whether freaky, festive, or funny.

Just remember to search for promo codes to score savings and free shipping before checking out.

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