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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy

Dogs are a man’s best friend. If you have a dog in your home, you know that this quote is absolutely right. No one in the world loves you as selflessly as your dog does.

You may have a lot of people in your life – your partner, family, friends, colleagues… but your dog has only you. You are their whole world. And if you are a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to keep your best friend healthy and happy.

A dog’s health and happiness go hand in hand. A happy dog can brighten anyone’s day. But if the dog is dealing with some health issues and isn’t happy himself, what are the chances? The dog’s owner is hugely responsible for his health and well-being.

So, if you are a dog owner and want to be the best dog parent ever, then follow these 5 ways to keep your dog happy and healthy.

A Dog is Happy

  1. Try to make your dog’s life interesting

While you go out to work and spend time with your friends in a pub, your dog stays alone at home waiting for you. Dogs are very energetic and happy animals. They are filled with energy, and you can see their intense curiosity to know about new things just by looking at their eyes.

So, if you don’t make efforts to make your dog’s life interesting, you are going to be left with a sad dog, which is the worst thing possible. Hence, try to make your dog’s life interesting by playing multiple games with the pet.

You can also buy a range of dog toys online to keep your dog engaged and cheerful. Building obstacle courses, fetching hikes, hiding treats, practicing new tricks – all these ensure to give your pet the kind of exciting life he wants.

  1. Your dog needs to socialize with people and other dogs

Just like humans, dogs are also social animals. They love to meet new people and other animals. But their case is a bit different. If dogs are not made to meet others in their early life stages, they will attain fearful and antisocial tendencies.

As a result, they will be left alone and an unhappy dog. Make sure to introduce new people and pets to your dog from the first weeks to the first 16-17 weeks. Also, maintain the social life of your dog throughout his life.

  1. Train your dog well

As much as physical health is important for a dog, his mental health matters as well. Training your dog is not cruel; instead, it stimulates his mental health. You can choose to house-train your dog by teaching him basic commands.

Make sure to teach yourself control if you want a smooth dog parent experience. You can develop a training program by which you teach your dog self-control and commands bit by bit.

  1. Focus on their grooming and other basic needs

Dogs love relaxing baths and belly rubs. Other than that, they also love long walks and sometimes a visit to the beach.

Make sure that you fulfill all your dog’s needs if you are a dog parent. If you don’t already know, dogs love getting groomed as well. Some of them may get frightened or hate the idea at once. But they get the hang of it very quickly. Grooming is very important for their health as well.

  1. Make sure your dog is meeting his nutritional needs

As dogs can’t communicate, you can’t always understand their health needs, even when they do not feel good.

It’s advised to meet a professional who helps you understand your dog’s nutritional needs and suggests the perfect food. You can also include supplements in your dog’s diet to make them healthy. This will ensure your dog is full of energy and strength.

Happy time with pet.

Over to you…

If you thought keeping your dog healthy and happy is only going to benefit your dog… you were absolutely wrong. According to researches, dog owners have a 33% reduced risk of experiencing premature death. Isn’t that amazing? The responsibility of a healthy dog depends on its owner. So, make sure you follow these 5 tips to keep your dog happy and healthy.  

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