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5 Kitchen Countertop Styles To Consider

Besides choosing the kitchen countertop material you need, you have to choose the style that best matches your interior décor.

You can pick between different stones, including quartz, granite, marble, and many more. Quartz is at the top of all these stones thanks to its durability and versatility.

Once you have picked the right material, choose the patterns and colors that best describe your kitchen and style (HuffPost). Below are five popular styles.

Besides choosing the kitchen countertop material you need, you have to choose the kitchen countertop styles that best match your interior décor.

5 Kitchen Countertop Styles To Consider

There are hundreds of kitchen countertop ideas resulting from hundreds of patterns and color combinations that come with quartz and other countertop materials. You can choose a traditional kitchen or a contemporary kitchen, among others. The style you choose is dictated by the patterns and colors on the countertop.

Veined White Quartz: Perfect for a Traditional Kitchen

Veined white quartz is one of the most common kitchen countertop options (The Kitchn). It comes as a white stone slab of quartz with flecks or grains of black or gray. The flecks and grains give the stone slab a natural appearance.

The snowy appearance of the countertop matches the styles of many kitchens thanks to its neutrality. You can use it in both contemporary and traditional kitchen. Its pale tones enhance the cleanness and lightness of your kitchen style. In a traditional kitchen, veined white quartz works better than a pure white countertop, which might contrast with other kitchen elements such as wood-colored cabinets.

Both flecked and softly-veined (grainy) countertops work perfectly with nearly all interior décor designs. You can see various countertop styles on Caesarstone.

Waterfall Countertop: One of the Best Contemporary Kitchen Countertop Ideas

When a kitchen countertop is boldly veined, it resembles a waterfall, with the darker parks resembling rocks and the light parks resembling falling water. Boldly veined kitchen countertops have two effects: they might overwhelm your eyes (especially if they do not match other elements in your kitchen) or make you stop and gaze in admiration.

If you choose a countertop that features very bold veins, you will need to have fewer patterns on other elements in your kitchen and instead have solid colors. The size of your kitchen should determine the size of the veins on your countertops – a smaller kitchen requires smaller speckles.

If you need to use bold dark veins, you can pair them with dark cabinets. You need to connect one of the colors on the countertop with the cabinets or other elements in your kitchen. You can tell how bold the waterfalls on your countertop are by looking at different aspects in your kitchen.

Besides choosing the kitchen countertop material you need, you have to choose the kitchen countertop styles that best match your interior décor.

Concrete-Style Quartz Countertop

Caesarstone’s 4044 Airy Concrete

If you need a countertop that looks like concrete, pick soft-gray, beiges, and rich cream quartz countertops. Solid-color quartz countertops in gray or beige will look more like stone, but even soft-flecked (grainy) quartz countertops in any of the above colors still look like concrete. A concrete-style quartz kitchen countertop works perfectly for a contemporary and traditional kitchen.

Gray is a neutral color, making it easy to pair with colored kitchen cabinets. The concrete style is one kitchen countertop idea that fits succinctly in any kitchen design. You can use a soft flecked gray concrete-style countertop to soften the looks of a kitchen with a black and white scheme, white walls, and a mid-tone counter. You can also match gray with metallic accents.

Undermount Sink Kitchen Countertop

Undermount sink countertops are more common than over-mount sinks countertops, and for a good reason shares BHG – they are arguably more beautiful. Although under-mount sinks are challenging to install and they need a support framework, they are still preferred to over-mount sink countertops. With added beauty in your kitchen, an under-mount sink adds value to your home.

There are three under-mount kitchen sink rim styles, including negative reveal, flush-mount, and positive reveal. In a negative reveal, the countertop hangs by only half an inch over your sink – this option looks great. A flush-mount under-mount kitchen sink is installed so that the lip of the sink and the countertop coincide. Installing a flush mount undermount kitchen sink requires great precision.

Lastly, there is a positive reveal undermount kitchen sink countertop. After installation, the rim remains visible. However, this is the least typical sink setup.

Edges: Kitchen Countertops Options

There are different kitchen countertop options to finish the edges of your countertop (Home Depot). The standard edges finish either curved or straight – the beauty of this is that it complements any kitchen style. You can pick a straight edge for a clean-lined kitchen design. In a traditional kitchen, the best kitchen countertop ideas involve curved edges.

A flat polish edge is another option – it is clean and classic and is common in contemporary designs.

A beveled edge, like its name suggests, sports an angular edge. A standard bevel edge slants at 45 degrees. However, the edge might be customized to the angle of your choice. Beveled edges are better paired with contemporary designs.

Other typical kitchen countertop edges include full and half bullnose edges. A full bullnose sports a rounder edge, while a half bullnose also sports a rounded edge but with a thicker appearance. A variation of this edge design is the quarter-round edge, where the top edge is rounded, and the bottom edge is flat.

Besides the edges above, specialty edges are designed to bring out the impression you need on a countertop. These specialty edges are adaptations of the edges above. They include double quarter-round edge, double bevel, mitered drop apron, Dupont edge, Ogee, double Ogee, and triple pencil edges. 


A kitchen countertop is a substantial investment – you do not want to pick the wrong kitchen countertop options. Take your time and choose the type and style of kitchen countertop you will not regret in ten years because these countertops will last. From the hundreds of kitchen countertop ideas online, you will find one that marries your style and your kitchen décor. Ask for help from a professional interior design before purchasing a countertop; a professional will expose you to styles you never thought you knew.

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