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4 Ways to Get Children Involved in Volunteerism

Submitted on behalf of Primrose Schools: the leader in educational child care by Emily Patterson (@epatt1062)
The importance of community service and volunteerism is key value that many parents would like to pass down to their children. Today, it has become even more important to instill these values in children early on in their lives, so there are now a number of volunteer activities for children. Despite the opportunities available, many parents are just unaware of how to introduce these concepts and activities to their children. It is actually best to get children involved in volunteer work as early as possible and explain to them the importance of community service. Here are some ways to introduce volunteerism to young children.

– Explain the concept of community service and volunteerism

The first thing you should do is introduce the concepts of volunteerism and community service. Tell them why it is important for people to give back and help those who lack the resources to help themselves. This could also be involved in a discussion of moral and religious values as well.

– Explain why you would like them to be engaged

Explain to your child your personal reasons for getting them involved in community service. It may be a good idea to discuss a specific cause that you are passionate about whether it is poverty in the developing world or nature preservation.

– Select an organization that welcomes children

Selecting the right type of organization is vital to ensuring that your child will have a positive experience. Some organizations are definitely not appropriate for children and they may not always understand the nature of the work. Contact several organizations beforehand and talk them about having your child visit them and see if they have any activities for children.

– Find a position that will be a good fit for your child

Now that you have already selected an organization, find an appropriate volunteer position for your child. This is also important because you really want your child to enjoy the work and gain some fulfillment out of the activity. Let your child try some different positions and select the one that they like.

There are a wide variety of community service opportunities available to families, but it is recommended that you select the right one to meet the needs of your family. These tips should help you select right type of organizations and positions for your children.


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