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150 Best Grilled Cheese Recipes Review

150 Best Grilled Cheese Recipes Review

While we are most fond of grilled cheese sandwiches served on the side of tomato soup, 150 Best Grilled Cheese Recipes by Allison Lewis proves that it is a versatile sandwich, a stand-alone entree or a fabulous side. It’s not just for dinner anymore; the imagination is the only thing keeping it as merely American cheese melted between Wonder Bread.

150 Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

There’s something about the oozy-goozy cheese peeking out from the blanket of two buttery bread toasted to a golden brown. It’s a sandwich requested often at my house and truly an unstoppable addiction. It’s comfort food in the winter, swirling with fond memories of my own childhood.

While you will find the classic sandwich recipe nestled between the pages of this cookbook, there are also grown-up and exotic recipes that make the standard grilled cheese an artisan sandwich. Combining cheese of all kinds with fruits, vegetables, chocolate and grilled cheese indulgence just went to heaven.

In addition to the many recipes, there are plenty of tips, a section dedicated to condiments, like homemade mayonnaise and the best cheeses. There’s an introduction to bread, how to best store cheese and more.

I like to experiment in the kitchen with textures and flavors and this book opens opportunities. After browsing through the pages, I realized that grilled cheese is an item I underestimated and wore blinders in preparing. This is a fantastic cookbook for any collection or even to be given as a gift.

This book proves that grilled cheese isn’t just for kids. It’s evolved.

I want to make them all. I want to meet new cheeses and pair them with apples, pears, chocolate, eggplant, pork, chicken, beef and more. This book is going to make it happen. Move over; American Havarti is in the house! Muenster will lurk in my cheese drawer and blue cheese will be melted between decadent bread.

This book should be on every kitchen shelf. It is making back to school an event where the kiddos will be eager to come home from school to see what melted goodness awaits to hold them over.

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