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101 Things to Do This Summer

We have a week of school left. The kiddos are out for the Memorial Day Weekend and they’re already driving me bonkers. The worst thing you can say at our house is “I’m bored”. To keep this out of our vocabulary, we’ve been working on our list of 101 Things to Do This Summer.

1.) Boogie Down in Your Living Room
This is our tradition. It started with Jake and Zac were small. Dad worked the swing-shift and we’d wait until we heard his car out of the driveway and then close the blinds, put on a disco CD and strut our stuff.

2.) Make New Friends
We just moved in March and we didn’t change schools so this summer we’re going to get out, meet our neighbors and celebrate the beginning of new friendships!

3.) Master the Jump Rope
This is a big one for The Divine Miss M. She’s been checking out the jump rope at recess at school and learning the games, songs and twirling techniques. I haven’t jumped rope in years so it could be a hilarious adventure.

4.) Ball Games

We found a cool website called miniclip and it has lots of games to play with a ball. My kiddos love balls and are inventing games as I type.

5.) Yoga

This is Zac’s must do and I’ve volunteered to be his partner. We’re thinking it can be a family affair as we learn balance and breathing.

6.) Father’s Day Celebration

The kiddos will get their craft on (they’re thinking of making Dad pet rocks) and then prepare his a BBQ where he’s the guest of honor!

7.) Video Games

This is our backup when the temperature hits 100 degrees and it’s time to come in.

8.) Read

This is the perfect activity to curl up on the lawn, take with us or just snuggle up to. Reading is reading and our library offers a Summer Reading Program we’ll be signing up for and celebrating.

9.) Indoor Games

Again, for those 100 degree weather days…things like charades, board games, and more.

10.) Play Dress-Up!

Sometimes the best way to cure the grumpies is to banish them to a land far far away and replace the children with Army Men, Princesses and ladybugs!

11.)  Savor the Summer Nights

S’mores in the backyard and if we can talk Dad into it…movie night!

12.) Explore a Museum

Our favorite is the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point.

13.) Make the most of car trips

Nothing like a game of I-Spy or counting landmarks or colored cars.

14.) Talk to Each Other!

Sometimes our daily life is so scheduled that we fail to ask “What do you want to be when you grow up” or “what did you think about…?” This summer we’re conversing!

15.) Play in the Sand

We have a sandbox outback. We’re letting them fill it with ditches and irrigate. We’re not going to scream their dirty…we’re going to let them explore!

16.) Swimming Lessons

Because the children at our house who don’t know how to swim, are certain they can!

17.) Play Soccer

The Beauty Queen loves soccer and she’s going to teach us the rules to her favorite sport for a backyard game of epic fun!

18.) Host a Summer Party

It’s our farewell to school and our classmates and welcoming new beginnings.

19.) Make history lessons and summer reading lists come alive by visiting relevant locations on family vacations

20.) Learn about calculating distance and reading a map by planning a vacation together

21.) Use errands as an opportunity to learn about budgets  

22.) Provide a blank notebook and encourage kids to write or draw and let their imaginations run wild

23.) Follow current events and discuss them as a family

24.) Go local and learn about your community with trips to the library, museums, parks, zoos and more. 
Our list is a work in progress. What are some of the things on your 101 things to do this summer?

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