First-Ever Personalized Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book Now Personalized!

By now, you've seen a post or two on Facebook or Pinterest announcing the popularity of adult coloring books. While coloring books have been around for decades, and perhaps we owe our coloring craze to a Scottish artist who specializes in hand-drawn black-and-white patterns for items such as wine … [Read More...]

dupray one steam cleaner tackles grout

Steam Cleaner: One Tool Cleans It All

A steam cleaner has changed my idea of clean. Let's face it, we all want a house that's clean. I spend my weekends cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, degreasing, deodorizing and trying, through the week, to keep on top of it all. I'm telling you, I've been doing it all wrong. It wasn't until I … [Read More...]

lugz drifters mulberry

Lugz Drifter LX #Review

Whether you're a woman of fashion or simply jeans and tee-shirt LUGZ Drifter LX is a shoe you'll love. Lugz is a stylish brand. It's also a high-quality brand that delivers maximum durability and comfort that is incredible. My husband, who is … [Read More...]

box of chocolate

Chocolate from See’s Candies

February, the month of love, flowers and chocolate. I'm okay with all of it. I love being part of the Valentine's Day celebration with my kiddos making Valentine's crafts and reading the contents of their mailbox from school Valentine's Day card … [Read More...]

love crunch

Love Crunch: Taste the Goodness

February is Heart Month and we've partnered with Love Crunch to share with you a great way to make your Valentine's heart happy! Love Crunch, by Nature's Path, is organic, non-GMO, granola. It's made with ingredients my 12-year old can read and … [Read More...]

How to Make Wolverine Claws #DIY

How to Make Wolverine Claws #DIY

Learn How to Make Wolverine Claws with this easy step-by-step tutorial and How to Make Wolverine Claws Video. It is easy origami. It's a fun project that my kiddos never grow tired of making and playing. I love it because it requires really nothing … [Read More...]