Family Holiday In Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet, and for good reason. There is so much for a family to see and do, you just might need to start thinking about a second trip! The summer holidays are coming soon enough but you might find out that prices soar to unimaginable … [Read More...]

jeb today

My Rescue Dog Taught Me About Freedom

This post was a featured post in The Huffington Post GPS Life Section 4/27/16 We knew what we were getting into as we stared up the hill at the small dog with fur the color of Carolina dirt. He was broken. We couldn't get close enough to even touch him, much less capture him. He'd been running … [Read More...]


Eclair Cake: Doorstep Desserts

Dessert is something my children want. On weekends, I sometimes find the time to make something, but most of the time, our schedule is dictating and time seems a luxury.  We have partnered with Doorstep Desserts and are loving the convenience, … [Read More...]