#NineLives Arrives in Theaters August 5th

We've all had that moment when we've been at the top of our game. For daredevil billionaire Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey), it was an everyday occurrence. Firebrand, his eponymous company, is nearing completion on its greatest achievement to date--we're talking the TALLEST skyscraper in the northern … [Read More...]

arriving on Netflix august 2016

NEW ON @NETFLIX IN August #Netflix

With the heat index climbing higher every day, the kiddos are enjoying some binge watching on Netflix, and I'm enjoying the longer days to catch up on Netflix Originals and revisit some of my favorite shows. August on Netflix is filled with debuts as we gear up for fall television. It's also a … [Read More...]

6 Ways to be a Role Model to Your Child

Parents are the first role models children have while growing up. Our kids tend to adapt to certain qualities and quirks we never really thought were special before that are now unique and adorable because they are doing it. However, as they grow older, they are slowly becoming independent. They … [Read More...]

barefoot refresh spritzer summer red

Barefoot Refresh Spritzers for Wine Anytime!

Sometimes the weekend just call for wine. Barefoot Wine is a brand that is one of the largest in the world and I love that they are innovative, from their bottling to their flavors. This summer they've launched their best idea yet--Barefoot Refresh Spritzers! These little gems are wine packaged in … [Read More...]


Surprizamals A Unique Stuffed Animal To Collect

Everyone needs a friend and the Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company is creating soft, cuddly plus friends that are so much fun to give and collect. Surprizamals are adorable stuffed animals coming out of hibernation just in time meet your little one. Surprizamals Reveal: Each plush collectible fits … [Read More...]

Eating Behaviors; How Do You Eat?

Sometimes, it’s not what you eat, but how you eat. Our eating habits have become about convenience; we’re always on the go and so we grab what’s fast and easy. This sometimes leads to inhaling our food without a second thought. We may even eat out of boredom, loneliness or stress and not even know … [Read More...]

5 Steps To Funding Your Trip Overseas

5 Steps To Funding Your Trip Overseas

Are you a travel fanatic? Daydreams about an Italian café or taking pictures of the Eiffel tower can turn into a reality. What you probably do not know is that long-term travel adventures are possible for those who can set a realistic budget. Finding the funds for your journey requires meticulous … [Read More...]

Why Your Kids Need Music

There is no doubt that, in the twenty-first century, STEM education is vitally important. Our future is going to be driven by tech and learning how to make and work with tech is what will help keep our kids employed. This does not mean, however, that the importance of STEM should be used to negate … [Read More...]

Why Boxing for Fitness is Best

Are you sick of running the same old running track? Are you not attaining your weight loss goals at your expensive Pilates class? Is your motivation to go to the gym as minimal as their music? Whether you’ve decided today is the day to try something new or you are in need for a justification on why … [Read More...]

instantpot marinara sauce

InstantPot Italian Marinara Sauce #Recipe

It's been months and I am loving InstantPot. I've discovered I can put it on the patio and enjoy summer without heating up the house with an oven. This InstantPot Italian Marinara Sauce Recipe is so easy and my family loved it. They wanted it again the next night! InstantPot Italian Marinara … [Read More...]

Budget Friendly Travel Destinations

You might envy the Joneses next door whenever they share their photos from their latest exotic vacation, but there’s good news: Even if you can’t afford a vacation to France, there are plenty of beautiful and unique budget vacation destinations for you to take advantage of. It all depends on your … [Read More...]