Fun Family Activities That Keep Bedtimes From Being Bad Times

Do you want to quickly ruin a young person’s good time?  Tell them it’s time to go to bed.  Adults love to get their sleep yet the young dread the thought of ending their day and night too early.  However, like most things related to parenting, one can use a few tricks and tactics to ensure that … [Continue reading]

Chart Offers Food Storage Tips

Mission Restaurant Supply wants your customers to be safe and they have created a chart to show how long various foods will keep while refrigerated. The chart shows how long foods like meat, fruit and vegetables should last. The chart by Mission Restaurant Supply also offers some advice that most … [Continue reading]

3 Tips on Roof Replacement

Owning a home comes with great joy and seemingly endless home repair. When we bought our first home, there was so much we didn't know. Three years … [Continue reading]

Pixar In A Box

pixar in a box

My kiddos all love technology. They excel at science and math and yet, they have this amazing creativity that has me in awe. A new online resource, … [Continue reading]

#SUFFRAGETTE Shines A Light On Women Who Risked Everything For the Right To Vote


History has left us the legends, memoirs and rewards of women who were strong, stood up for their beliefs and pursued change. They are oridinary … [Continue reading]

National Dog Day!

bailey mae face

Our Bailey Mae adds so much joy to our day to day life. She knows when one of us needs extra love, she kisses the children good night in the evening … [Continue reading]

Hyland’s 4 Kids Arnica Ointment Stick–better than just kissing the Ouchie

Hyland's Kids Bumps and Bruises!

This post is brought to you by Hyland's 4 Kids, part of Target's #MadeToMatter line. When I was growing up, my Grandma had a magic ointment … [Continue reading]

4 Reasons Why Non-Surgical Face Lift Is The Safest For Skin

face and hands of beautiful woman

There are many reasons people wish to stay away from face lifts. This type of surgery is dangerous, as is all invasive surgery. This danger is the … [Continue reading]

Nodical Mattress: Call Me Sleeping Beauty #sleepiscoming

bailey mae on mattress

I received a Nodical Memory Foam mattress is exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. My grandmother always told me that the two most … [Continue reading]

Spy Coming to Digital HD 9/4 #SpyInsiders

Spy starring Melissa McCarthy #spyinsiders

One of my favorite actresses is Melissa McCarthy. I love her ability to deliver a joke. I loved her in Identity Thief, H.E.A.T, and Tammy. Now, I'm … [Continue reading]