5 ways to expand your living space 1

Five Ideas to Expand Your Living Space

These days, it is very expensive to buy a new parcel of land and build a new house. Prices of construction materials continue to soar. This means it’s now difficult for homeowners to have a new home. Some people wish to move to another home to have much bigger space, and if you are one of them, it’s … [Read More...]

hard candy make up collection

Hard Candy Makeup Collection Must-Haves

Hard Candy Makeup Collection, available exclusively at Walmart is a fun collection of all the makeup must-haves from foundation to lips. MacKenzie just turned thirteen, and I'm not a big fan of her wearing makeup. I realize, from attending school events, she is a minority when it comes to … [Read More...]

how to make colorful slime

How to Make Slime

It's Friday Night, and MacKenzie is sharing how to make colorful slime with three simple ingredients, you probably have in your home right now. It is so easy and reminded MacKenzie of our trip to Nickelodeon's Punta Cana Resort. This craft is brought to you by Softsoap. Make Colorful … [Read More...]

Top 5 Family Vacation Destinations

The family vacation seems to become more important as every year passes. With ever increasing pressures at work, and school, family time is constantly stretched and the family holiday provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to have some down time and bond more like a family. This makes the … [Read More...]

easy sweet cornbread recipe

Easy Sweet Cornbread #Recipe

This Easy Sweet Cornbread Recipe pairs perfectly with Northern Beans and Chili. It makes a lot! Eat the leftovers as a snack--trust me, it's hard to resist, share with a neighbor, or store in the refrigerator. We learned about it on a podcast with Gina Grad. I live in the South. Here we … [Read More...]