Just Pretend Kid’s Party Pack Makes Fairytales Come True!

Fairytale Princess Sweet Treats Collection Partyware

I received a Just Pretend Kids Party Pack in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own. My children have all loved pretend play. My boys have dressed as pirates and superheroes while my girls have gone the route of princesses and cut bugs like lady bugs and bumble bees. Back to School for … [Continue reading]

Back-To-School Guitar Cool with FabKids

Guitar Cool Outfit from FabKids

We received the FabKids Guitar Cool Outfit in exchange for this post. Back to School has Li'l Man's feeling Guitar Cool and showing his appreciation for his big brother, Jake. FabKids Guitar Cool outfit is fun, comfortable and trendy. I love the FabKids brand because it wears well and my kiddos … [Continue reading]

Finnish Lapland: An Outdoor Holiday to Remember

Finnish Lapland: An Outdoor Holiday to Remember

A vacation to Lapland can be anything you want it to be; whether it’s relaxing in the natural beauty of Finland or watching the wonder that is the … [Continue reading]

Revlon Health Hair with Laser Brilliance

Before and After with the Revlon Healthy Hair Brilliance

Healthy hair is important to me. I have learned that styling products and tools can wreak havoc on healthy hair and leave it dull, lifeless and less … [Continue reading]

ABC’s Mistresses Season 2 Finale TONIGHT 10pmET

Justin Hartley

This time last year, I had never seen ABC' Mistresses, starring Alyssa Milano. Saying that now is almost like being in rehab as this show has become … [Continue reading]

How to Make Gingham Fondant

How to Make Gingham Fondant

Fondant is easy to work with and can be sculpted to look like many everyday items. On a cake that I did I needed a gingham napkin. I opted to roll … [Continue reading]

How to Do a Basket Weave with Frosting

How to do a basket weave on a cake

The basket weave is a traditional technique, using buttercream frosting. It can create an amazing realistic appearance and it's much easier than it … [Continue reading]

How to Crumb-Coat a Cake #Tutorial

How to Crumb Coat a cake

A crumb-coating is a thin layer of frosting that is spread onto the cake to lock the crumbs in place. It is an added step to the frosting process, but … [Continue reading]

How to Make Cupcake Apples #Tutorial

how to make cupcake apples

A festive fall cupcake the looks like an apple. My kiddos love these and they are incredibly easy. Using your favorite cupcake recipe create … [Continue reading]

How to Fill A Cake #Tutorial

how to fill a cake

This technique is used when using a sturdy filling, such as buttercream, fudge or cream cheese frosting. Be certain the frosting is whipped … [Continue reading]