Avoiding the Loss Of Irreplaceable Photos

We all enjoy special family photos. Whether they include deceased loved ones or our new arrivals, they represent an irreplaceable part of our family legacies. They can preserve and trigger memories for everyone in the family for decades to come. Photos used to be carefully stored in albums or … [Read More...]

disney on ice outfits

No Cocktail Dresses or Evening Gowns

Family is a complex structure. For the longest time, I stayed at home and took care of our children. I made them outfits for events and made sure they were prim and proper for school. It was an important part of who I was. I took pride in my children's appearance. Maybe too much. When Miss … [Read More...]

belli skincare

The Real Secret to a Glowing Complexion

I've been using Belli skincare products for the past three years. I absolutely love what they do for my skin. They are known for helping pregnant women fight the acne that can sometimes come with a pregnancy. I am not pregnant, nor have I been in years, but my skin needs all the help it can get and … [Read More...]

Finding Dory Themed recipe Collage

“Finding Dory” Themed #Recipes

Camp Grandma and Grandpa had movie night and the kiddos saw "Finding Dory". Miss M reports that it is now "My most favorite movie EVER! It's so cute, Mom! So cute!" Li'l Man really like it, though he is far more reserved than his sister. Finding Dory is playing right now in a theater near you. … [Read More...]

Illustration Scene One

The Monsters on the Other Side of the Garage

Children have imagination. I know. I was once a child. When I was four,  had a room in the basement, by myself, because I was a "big girl". It probably wouldn't have been a big deal, except my dad built my room in the same room that had the "fruit room" (a room under the porch of the house … [Read More...]

Family Friendly African Safari Tours

Family Friendly African Safari Tours

As a child we always loved going to the zoo and seeing all the big wild animals of Africa, seeing a giraffe or a playful chimpanzee was full of excitement. Our dreams of when we were big would be to one day go and see these amazing creatures. The wallowing hippo and the fierce-looking lion would … [Read More...]

Integrated Indoor-Outdoor Living flow

Integrated Indoor-Outdoor Living

  An emerging trend we are seeing is the melding of indoor living space with outdoor living space. This is allowing you to expand your living area, which is especially convenient for homes with a smaller floor plan. Flow The important thing to remember when combining the indoors with … [Read More...]

precious moments little red riding hood

Save 15% on Precious Moments Dolls Today Only

One of the most amazing things about daughters is they love to play dress-up. My girls have lived in costumes that have made them fairies, princesses, Veterinarians and so much more. One of Miss M's favorite costumes was the year she went as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. I'm sure this had … [Read More...]



Summer has arrived and while most of us find ourselves outside, there is something about streaming poolside that has me excited about new movies and TV shows on #Netflix. An afternoon at the waterpark or just lounging in the yard, July will have you beating the summer heat and relaxing a few hours … [Read More...]