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Your Moving Plan Can Never Go Wrong with These Essential Tips

Planning a move is never easy. Families spend weeks mulling over and breaking the sentimental ties they harbor with a property they had transformed into a home. Then comes the exhaustion of sorting and packing your entire life into neat little boxes, ready for shipping to another location.

Unless you embrace a thoughtful and efficient approach, the entire process is riddled with exhaustion, anxiety, and stress. Moving plans are usually chaotic because we leave everything to the very last minute. That’s a mistake that will cost you your physical and mental well-being.

We’ve compiled a list of essential tips to help you plan an effective and efficient move by streamlining all chores.

Here, take a look:

Don’t Carry your Clutter

Human beings attract clutter like magnets attract metals. We can’t help but accumulate items, furniture, fixtures, and belongings, eventually discarded and tossed aside. These discarded items become our clutter, which we carry from one property to another. Essentially, this clutter serves no purpose in our life, and to quote the wise Mary Kondo, and it sparks no joy.

You can significantly reduce your transportation costs and move-related chores by discarding and sorting your clutter. How about holding a garage sale to make money off those unwanted records, inherited artwork, or old baby furniture? You can use the proceeds to decorate your new home and invest in smart appliances. Discarding items and belongings that hold sentimental value is harrowing.

Did you know how easy it is to find storage units in Texas? For instance, suppose you live in McKinney, the county seat of Collin County. All you need to do is search for self-storage online, and you will get access to various options. Also, remember, Texas is notorious for its heat and humidity. So, don’t forget to opt for a climate-controlled unit to prevent your belongings from withering and decaying. The humidity often causes the moisture to seep into your items, destroying furniture, artwork, and appliances with irreversible damage.

With all the clutter and unwanted items out of the way, you can pack the things that add value to your lifestyle. Here’s another advantage: you won’t have to turn your new garage or attic into a storeroom for unwanted clutter.

Finding the Right Movers

Engaging a reliable and competent moving company is of the utmost significance to ensure an efficient and streamlined process, recommends Forbes. Homeowners who try to take the DIY route sometimes underestimate the exhaustion and effort involved in packing and transporting belongings.

Lugging around heavy furniture and appliances can cause you lasting physical damage, alongside destroying your belongings. Instead, we advise you to hire reliable professionals who align well with your budget and needs. Even if you manage to pack all the delicate items and usable belongings, you will need muscle for the heavy lifting.

Moving companies offer standard quotes and transportation costs, and in most cases, self-transportation ends up costing more. It’s wise to conduct rigorous research and ask your family and friends for recommendations. Most importantly, make sure the company you hire carries licensure and insurance to avoid disastrous conundrums.

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Make a Packing Timeline

It’s crucial to avoid leaving all the packing chores until the last few days. That’s an instant recipe for stress and anxiety. The sooner you start, the easier and streamlined the process will become. We advise you to create a packing timeline that begins with non-essentials, culminating in items you need to sustain your lifestyle.

For instance, you can start packing away all the decorates, embellishments, pottery, and non-essentials a month before the move. Then, you can pack away the books, clothing items, toys, dinnerware, fixtures, furniture, and bedding: Reserve kitchen and pantry items and essential clothing and toiletries for the last.

Creating a timeline will help you stay on track and avoid tackling overwhelming tasks haphazardly. With a timeline in mind, you will only have to allocate no more than hours a day to your packing chores. When it’s time to move, you will only have to gather your essentials, mainly pantry items, clothing, and toiletries.

Encourage Everyone to Participate

Everyone must equally participate in moving and packing to avoid dumping all responsibility on one person. Adults should actively encourage children to take responsibility for packing their belongings and sorting out their rooms. Delegation is the game’s name to ensure efficiency and eliminate stress from accumulating!

We advise you to create a comprehensive checklist detailing all responsibilities and delegating chores to every family member, suggests Forbes. The list will serve as a blueprint to maintain accountability and ensure everyone does their part.

Label the Boxes

Can you imagine having to open every single box to find your daughter’s favorite teddy bear? The struggle is harrowing, and most homeowners end up in this vicious cycle while organizing a move.

Labeling all the boxes and creating a list of contents will help you find what went where without the unnecessary struggle. With labeled boxes, everyone can carry their load straight to their rooms and unpack right away.


Adopting an efficient and thoughtful approach towards packing and transporting your belongings can make the process effortless. To ensure a job well done, you don’t have to riddle your body with fatigue and stress. It all boils down to effective delegation and getting started weeks ahead in time. Remember, investing 2 hours a day is enough to ensure a streamlined moving process.

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