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Get Younger Looking Skin with these 6 Simple Steps

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Having glowing, healthy looking skin is the perfect reflection of a healthy mind and a healthy body and it’s something we all strive to achieve. But with our busy lifestyles, you might be wondering how you can achieve perfect, flawless skin. Is the secret a good moisturizer? A bb cream? A cosmetic procedure? Well, follow these tips below and you’ll be a step closer to your own glowing skin that will be the envy of all your friends.

best skin care tips

Drink, drink, drink!

Of course, we mean water! Keeping yourself hydrated is key to beautiful, fresh looking skin. Depriving yourself of a good intake of H2O is seriously bad for your health in general. Try your best to drink between 6-8 glasses of water a day, you could even treat yourself to a new water bottle and take hydration wherever you go. If you find the taste a little bland, don’t worry, try adding a slice of fruit or some fresh berries to your bottle for a juicy twist.


Probably the most difficult advice to follow! We all lead such busy lives, it’s quite difficult to get a full nights sleep and good sleep at that. But when you’re feeling tired, it shows in your skin, making it look dull, grey and generally tired looking. The cure is simple: get more rest.

Take care of your makeup

Have you ever stopped to check the use by date on your makeup? Did you even know it had one? Check the back of your makeup products and you’ll see how long you should keep using it for in months. Using old makeup is bad for your skin and take a good look at your makeup brushes too – they need cleaning regularly if you want to avoid breakouts and blemishes.

Switch up your pillowcase

Did you know that cotton pillowcases aren’t that good for your skin? It’s true – they actually strip your face of natural moisture and leave it dry. So even if you moisturized the night before, it might explain why your face feels like a cats tongue. Switch to a silk or satin pillowcase instead, these will stop sleep lines from forming and help prevent your skin from flaking.

Get moving

Getting hot and sweaty might scream clogged pores and breakouts, but exercise is actually good for your skin. Regular exercise helps to flush out toxins and increases the blood flow to your face and other problem areas, sending nutrients and plenty of oxygen their way.


Removing dead skin cells is vital when it comes to having a healthy glow. It also helps your moisturizer to absorb properly and do its job! How often you exfoliate depends on your skin type, if you have dry skin you might want to exfoliate once every week or if you have oily skin, once or twice. You can even create your own exfoliator recipe at home – try some yogurt and oatmeal or head online to YouTube to find a recipe.

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