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Wristwatch Upkeep and Maintenance – Some Essential Tips

Care and maintenance help to keep most products and accessories, like your wristwatch, look like new! These tips will ensure whether you sport a Tag Heuer or a Rolex, you watch will continue to operate at its best.

Have you ever encountered people whose watches keep looking spotless year after year?

Many people think they spend a lot on polishing their watch models.

Others think that they invest in new watches frequently.

Interestingly, most people whose watches look perfect for years know how to maintain the same.

It is essential to watch lovers use smart tactics to clean their watch.

People often think a high-end and branded watch, like a Michael Kors watch, needs costly maintenance.

Simple tips and guidelines go a long way to ensure that your watch keeps looking and functioning perfectly for years. 

These tips will ensure whether you sport a Tag Heuer or a Rolex, you watch will continue to operate at its best.

high end wrist watch with suit

Wristwatch Upkeep and Maintenance – Some Essential Tips

Clean the dial and strap every month

With use, the watch strap and dial accumulate maximum dirt.

Sometimes, the watch dial glass appears stained.

Some people also detect a few minute scratches.

The watch strap also appears dull with time. 

You need to use a cleaning solution to clean the watch dial and watch strap.

You can clean your watch dial and strap every month to keep it clean.

Watches can be luxury items, but they are very prone to damage and dirt in daily use.

For example, a wrist watch for a nurse would need thorough and regular cleaning due to the sensitivity and hazardous nature of the job.

Divers need theirs in perfect condition, as they serve as multiple functionalities.

watch on table

Store inside the watch box

Most users keep their wristwatch on the dressing table after wearing it!

When the watch is exposed to open air, it becomes dull and attracts dirt.

There’s also the danger of the watch falling.

Sometimes, the watch can also get lost.

Keeping your watch back in the watch box and inside the cupboard is safe.

Use the cloth and cushions to keep it supported.

It helps to keep the watch looking new for a long time.

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Get it serviced when required

Keeping your watch clean and well maintained is not a DIY task!

No watch lover is an expert in cleaning watch dials and straps.

Neither are most people aware of the intricate workings of a branded watch (Forbes).

If you find issues like the seconds and minute’s hand moving slower than usual, you must get it serviced.

Sometimes, there are issues with the battery as well.

Here it is essential to get your watch serviced at regular intervals.

pushing sleeve up to check wrist watch

Change the watch straps.

The watch strap is the first part that gets dirty early.

It is exposed to the wearer’s sweat and external ambiance.

There are times when metal straps rust.

Leather watch straps tend to tear and become dark.

Hence, it is necessary to change the watch strap as it becomes untidy or gets ripped.

It will help your watch appear looking new for an extended period.

Keep it away from water

Even though branded watches come with a “water-resistant” tag, keeping your watch away from water is best.

It is because water can create functional issues with digital and electronic devices.

Your watch might stop working, and the issues might become too costly to resolve.

These are some of the simple and easy ways to maintain your watch!

You can also read through the watch maintenance manual that comes with it when you buy one.

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