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How to Use Worm Castings in Your Garden

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Annelids produce earthworm tea and castings, which balance the pH of the soil and make it fertile.

For crops to grow healthy, they should be planted in garden soil that is rich in nutrients.

Enriching the soil with organic nutrients also improves yields and helps to protect plants from diseases.

Worms play an important role in making garden soil healthy.

Using worm castings in your garden will help create an organic, nutrient-rich soil for growing fruits, vegetables, and other crops.


How to Use Worm Castings in Your Garden

What Are Work Casts and Why Should You Use Them?

In a nutshell, worm casts refer to worm poop or worm manure.

Unlike horse or cow manure, castings do not produce a pungent odor.

In fact, casts smell earthly and are safe for use around family members and pets.

Moreover, they are safe for the environment.

There are many benefits of using worm castings rather than artificial fertilizer or compost to enrich the soil.

These include:

Castings Have Microbes And Bacteria That Prevent Diseases

When worms eat and digest food, they add beneficial microbes and bacteria to the casts.

These two elements help to enrich the soil.

The microbes and bacteria live around plant roots, making them strong and protecting them from diseases.

Castings Offer More Than Just NPK

The majority of artificial fertilizers are laden with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK).

However, worm castings offer more than these three compounds.

The casts also have various nutrients, natural growth hormones, and trace materials that contribute to healthy plant growth.

Worm casts are rich in humic acid, which helps to break down soil nutrients so that garden plants can easily digest them.

The extra minerals make worm casts richer than synthetic fertilizers or animal manures.

When you enrich the soil with synthetic fertilizer or animal manure, the minerals must first be broken down in the soil to be absorbed by plants.

On the other hand, the minerals in worm casts are directly absorbed by plants since they are already broken down.

Castings Enrich The Soil And Seeds

It is easy to start enriching your garden soil with Simple Grow Soil worm fertilizer or casts.

The most important thing to remember is to keep it simple.

You do not need a lot of worm castings to achieve great results.

Moreover, even if you use a lot of the castings, the nutrients cannot burn your plants since they are released periodically.

Below is an overview of how you to use worm castings in your garden:

Starting Seeds

The best use for worm castings is on new seeds that you want to grow indoors or outdoors.

The casts protect the roots of the seedlings and keep fungus under control.

To use castings on seeds, mix 2 parts coco coir and 1 part worm castings without soil.

Place the soilless mix in a small container, cup, or seed cell and then plant the seeds.

Container Plants

Worm castings are released periodically and in small amounts.

This periodic release means you only need to use casts once a season.

To use worm casts for container plants, sprinkle 1-3 tablespoons around the base of the plants and scratch them into the surface of the soil.

After this, water in the castings together with worm tea.

Garden Beds

You can increase the chances of your transplants surviving in the garden by enriching the soil with worm casts.

The castings not only make the soil healthier but also improve aeration.

Within a short time, worms will start increasing in the garden beds and dropping their casts.

As the worm casts increase, your soil will become healthier.

After some time, you will no longer need to use your own castings as the worms will be making enough to enrich the soil.

To use worm castings on garden beds, sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons into the planting hole and then water it with worm tea.

Maintaining Your Supply of Worm Castings

You can keep a vermicomposting bin to ensure you have an adequate supply of worm castings that you can use any time you want.

Worm casts are perfect for side-dressing the vegetable garden and contain important nutrients that improve plant growth and yield.

If you cannot grow your own worm casts, you can get them from local farmers or the farmer’s garden in your town.

Some farmers also sell worm casts online.

The above is an overview of how you can use worm castings in your vegetable garden.


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