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Winning Moves Games Celebrate Family Time

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Winning Moves understands Family Game Night. It’s time away from schedules and devices for my family to come together and just have fun.

We sometimes have themes like Retro Family Game Night with games that are a blast from my childhood past.

We were so excited to learn Winning Moves has launched new games, and we were ready to try them out.

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You’ll find great games like Monopoly Advance To Boardwalk. For ages 8 and up and for 2 to 4 players total. The object is to become the top builder in the game.

We played the Game of the States. We travel a lot, and my kiddos take this game’s game cards with us to play trivia.


Game of the States is for ages 8 and up and includes:



4 truck movers

Play money

16 wood packages

A spinner

Game Instructions

My kiddos love this game and are learning so much. I love listening to them in the car quiz each other about state capital, locations, and more.

winning moves game of the states

In actual gameplay, you race your truck across the country while buying and selling goods. At the end of the game, the player with the most money wins!

There’s Nibbled, an extremely easy to learn and play and great for younger kids.

winning moves nibbled

Gameplay begins by clipping a fish onto you.

On your turn, you guess the color of the fish on the card, turn the card over, if you are right, you move one or more of your fish onto your opponent.

The winner is the first player who becomes fish free.

I’m the reigning champion of Clue at our house, and we love card games.

The fun of both is the Clue Suspect Card Game!

winning moves Clue Suspect Card Game

It is for ages 8 and up and for 3 to 4 players. Use the cards in your hand to determine the suspect, weapon, and location of the crime to win the game.

My kiddos think Pictureka! is incredible fun! This Picture! Card Game is perfect for families, friends, parties, and great fun for all ages. Pictureka has four different games that vary in pace from the high-energy “Alphabetic” to the calmer “Matchureka.” The cunning “Cow’s Creative Combo” will give the creative side of your brain a workout, while the “8-Away” race game will have players in an all-out frenzy.

winning moves pictureka

The game contains 78 Picture Cards, 32 Mission Cards, and Illustrated Instructions. Recommended for ages 6+Perfect for families, friends, and parties, Pictureka! the card game is great fun for all ages.

The star of Family Game Night was the game Sunk!

This object of Sunk! is to add water to a cup without causing it to sink.

The Sunk Tank is filled halfway with water. Add the plastic float cup inside the Sunk Tank. Next, fill the plastic water pitcher.

Gameplay begins by rolling a special water-themed die, showing how many drops of water to pour from the water pitcher into the float cup.

Roll the “C,” and you take a challenge card and perform the action on the card while pouring the required number of drops into the float cup (challenges include “Close one eye while pouring 3 drops” and “Keep one hand on the table while pouring 2 drops”).

Sink the float cup, and you’ll be eliminated.

Once a player is eliminated, the float cup is emptied, and the game resumes.

The last person to never sink the cup is the winner!

These games by Winning Moves are all super fun and exciting games, and I highly recommend them! They will make outstanding gifts this holiday season!

I received Winning Moves products for free in exchange for this post. My opinion and love for family game nights remain my own.

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