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Wing and Willow Feature

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Have you ever just had a *really* bad day. One that makes you toss and turn and want to move on with your life?

Elisa Kerkhoff of St. Louis, Missouri, had one of those days, and the rest is, well, as they say, “history”!

“I had a really bad day at work, and I came home and was so upset all night. I went to bed with the realization that I needed a new creative outlet in my life, and when I woke up, I had an image in my head of a peacock! He was made of pieces of my photographs, and I knew that I was on to something!” So she opened the shop and named it “Wing and Willow.”

The name took some thought, “My shop name came from my love of birds and nature – it took a couple of days of hard thinking, but it finally came to me on a Sunday afternoon in October!”

She’s always had a passion for all things “Art.” In fact, her passion lead her to earn a minor in Art from Western Michigan University!

One visit to Wing and Willow, and you’ll see amazing colors and beautiful artwork. One of my favorite items is her placemats. It’s the placemats that Elisa feels sets her product apart from others’. “The fact that I laminate my placemats. It makes them durable and washable as well as really fun to look at!”  

And remember her dream about the peacock? When her imagination set him free and gave him life, he became her absolute favorite creation! “My Peacock design has a special place in my heart since he was my first design :)”

Elisa finds inspiration in “Nature! I adore nature!”

She’s patient with her artwork, and like Nature inspires her, the creating process is very relaxed. “I usually wait to create until something comes to mind – I’ve found that trying to force art doesn’t work so well for me.” Once the inspiration comes to mind, “I just set aside time once I get an idea.”

Outside of creating and the art in Wing and Willow, Elisa says, “I’m a musician, I adore cooking and baking, I love going to movies, I love being with friends and family, and I love to travel :)”

Pottery is a talent that Elisa would like to learn in the future.

Elisa’s talents are many, creating some spectacular drawings and creations from her photography. Perhaps the secret to her talent rests in her greatest accomplishment thus far in life, “I think that every time I follow my heart, I feel that I accomplish something – I strive to be true to myself.”

As for where Elisa sees herself in ten years, “Well, I’m newly engaged, and I most certainly see a family in my future!”


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