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My Dream Vacation #LifeOverLikes #ad

What would you do if you had $10K to take a trip anywhere?

MacKenzie dreams of all things Parisian, so there is no way Paris isn’t making my list.

paris eiffel tower

She also has a New Year’s Eve birthday, so naturally New York City-Times Square. On. New. Years. Eve. Tops my list.

times square

Now that the obligatory, “Mom, you have too.” is out of the way.


What Does Life Over Likes Mean To You?

life-over-likes hiking

At our house, we use the expression, ‘Work to Live, not Live to Work.” It’s the same reminder Republic Wireless wants to stress life over likes.

What does that mean exactly?

To me, it means, get out there and live a great life. Don’t spend all your time on work, or behind the phone screen. Find the balance. It’s a hard thing to balance. I find myself trying to get the perfect photo sometimes and lose sight of the moment’s beauty I am trying to capture. It means I am not truly “present” and therefore am not really experiencing it.

Republic Wireless believes great experiences are out there. That they are best shared with family and friends, and there can be a healthy balance in the experience with your tech devices. So, Republic Wireless has a campaign where some very lucky individuals will learn how to maximize their phone/life experiences.

Republic Wireless wants you to create beautiful memories with your family and friends. They are hosting a sweepstake where the prizes are experiential to help you do just that.

  • Grand Prize [3 Winners] – Win $10K to travel anywhere in the world! Take yourself and your loved ones on the vacation of your dreams. Use your $10K travel voucher on airfare, hotels, tour and cruise arrangements, and more.
  • 1st Prize [5 Winners] – Win a Samsung Smart Refrigerator plus a 3-month meal kit delivery subscription!
  • 2nd Prize [10 Winners] – Win a $500 gift card to spend on music, sports, or theatre tickets from a major nationwide ticket outlet.



From now until December 15th, you can enter this sweepstake daily. No purchase necessary. And because sharing means caring, share with your friends and family so they can enter, too.

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