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Why Wicker Baskets are Increasingly Becoming Popular

You may have seen wicker baskets before, and they can look rustic and familiar even if you have never used them. The truth is that decorative baskets have a rich and long history.

Many people usually associate them with rattan furniture and other items that share some similarities. No wonder many people nowadays still enjoy using them.

This article discusses why wicker baskets are increasingly becoming popular.

amish wicker basket for easter

Understanding wicker baskets

When it comes to wicker furniture, its popularity was due to people believing that they were more hygienic than upholstered furniture, says Amish Baskets.

On the other hand, baskets are simply practical.

This is why many people still appreciate them, as they are sturdy and lightweight.

Even better, they are affordable, so the costs can be minimal if they are damaged and require replacement.

The word wicker stands for the technique they use to make them rather than the materials utilized in the process.

Traditionally, manufacturers used materials like willow, rattan, bamboo, or reed.

However, this term has recently started incorporating furniture and baskets made of plastic.

That said, there are various uses of baskets, and below are some of them:


You can find wicker laundry baskets that have also become quite popular nowadays.

These baskets appear casual, elegant, and have a stylish appearance.

The ones made of rattan or other natural materials are also becoming increasingly popular.

Throughout the years, baskets have remained popular as storage containers.

You can then store fruits, vegetables, and other things you usually keep in your pantries and kitchen.

They are excellent because they are lightweight and let air pass through them to keep the contents fresh.

wicker basket with blankets and throws


Wicker baskets also make great planters. They tend to be more practical when used as potholders because the soil and water can seep through them.

You can find some specifically designed for this purpose, but you can also use other types of baskets that are not necessarily designed for this purpose.

Wicker baskets are versatile because they can take a variety of sizes and shapes.

The weaving technique also allows these baskets; this is how all these wicker containers, trays, boxes, and planters came to be.

The same thing applies to wicker furniture, so you are spoiled for design choices, says The Spruce.

Basketry Categories

Wicker baskets look different from each other because the materials and weaving techniques used in the process can be different.

For example, there are four major basketry categories:

  • twining
  • plaiting
  • coiling
  • splint or wicker.

The difference between them is based on the materials used.


You can find several practical and interesting ways to use wicker baskets in your home. They are good for storing items so you can use them in any home.

Also, you can use them to store fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, extra cushions and pillows in your bedroom, a variety of supplies in your office, and toiletries in the bathroom.

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