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Why Choose Metallic Epoxy Flooring over Others

The metallic epoxy flooring posses a distinct, unique beauty that any other type doesn’t have. Epoxy flooring Austin is notable for the superior resilience that makes it the most preferred for residential and commercial spaces.

The epoxy’s metallic variant gleams when shunned by light.

Metallic epoxy Austin TX contains a glittery powder.

When mixed into the poured resin-based coating, the pigment morphs together, forming a lustrous pattern over the plain base epoxy.

The result is a surface with a steel-like sheen. 

Having described this process now makes you interested in having the floors with the look and feel of steel.

There’s more to know about this epoxy product.

Here are more reasons for you to choose metallic flooring for your properties.

Speckled floor after choosing metallic epoxy flooring over others

1- 100% Pure Solid Floors

As a coating, it’s incredible for the floors to get covered by pure solid material.

On its own, a concrete floor has a super durable feature.

Its toughness even increases when applied an epoxy with metallic additives. 

Then the metallic parts contain a glittery powder that is in solid form.

When the powdered pigment runs through the epoxy mixture, it dissolves into liquid and morphs into the surface.

It is unlike another concrete coating mixed with a liquid dye or other solvent solution to add color and texture. 

Epoxy is made of two-part solid materials.

A solid foundation does not easily crack.

It withstands heavy impact from massive objects. 

2- Quick Cure Time

Metal -like texture gives a floor a shimmering gloss.

Some use paints with metal-tone pigments.

However, paint products are liquid in form.

They need days of curing periods before the paint entirely holds on the surface.

It takes time to dry. 

Metallic epoxy is a fast-cure solution.

In just a day, you can start walking on the treated surface.

It only takes a maximum of two for the material to completely dry and penetrate on the floors. 

3- UV Resistant Enhanced Coating

To achieve the metallic finish, a specialized formula is used.

The metallic coating’s steel-like sheen requires a primer over the epoxy basecoat. 

The coating either has a urethane component that adds UV-resistant properties or a clear epoxy coating.

The primer requirement creates a protective and resistant layer on the outermost layer of the floor. 

A vital factor to consider is relying only on epoxy flooring experts to employ each essential layer. 

4- High-Functioning Floor

Metallic floors go beyond beauty and form.

This flooring type serves you with many benefits.

It does not only glimmer for its look.

It also functions for practical purposes. 

Since this flooring type is made of 100 % solid components, it brings a sturdy foundation to a property.

It does not cause accidents that could make people trip or fall. It provides seamless, even footings.

Even if enhanced with sturdy additives, it keeps a polished, leveled surface.

Epoxy is a thermosetting compound that evenly disperses itself on the concrete surface.

Do not mistake the floors’ glossy and gleaming surface for being slippery.

Its luster doesn’t cause a skid-prone area.

The resinous base provided the flooring with a high-traction and increased density on the surface.

So any material that contacts it will not skid or slip.

It is safe for everyone to walk.

5- Lustre that Lasts

The shiny floors can last for years.

This is notable for metallic epoxy.

It does not fade and does not dim quickly.

The lustrous effect takes effect as long as expected. 

Because of the two-component system of the metallic resin mixture, the concrete is fully protected.

The primer and the clear campaign as top layers derive a waterproof, stain-proof, and heat-resistant shield to the floor. 

The flooring will not lose its glimmer and glam even after a long period. 

Final thoughts

Take note of this: metallic floors are best suitable indoors.

It has been a sturdy companion to garages because its exterior instantly lightens up space.

Keep in mind that having experts install it properly and following the critical steps ensure to apply of each essential component of this technique.

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