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When to Clean Your Furniture

Knowing when to clean your furniture can help preserve its beauty and give it a longer life.

Furniture upholstery cleaning removes the mess and stains from the furniture’s fabrics, including chairs, sofas, bean bags, couches, etc. It is essential to ensure that the furniture appears clean and looks good. Dirtiness, odor, stains from food- these make the furniture dirty. These are also very unhygienic as it becomes difficult to use them with all the dirt. Thus, cleaning your furniture should be done if you see it in bad and untidy conditions.

Cigarette residues, the trapped smoke of cigarettes, smell from cooking create an odor at home. Not paying attention to the dirt and smell can also make your furniture lose its color as it may appear dull and shabby. Stains become stubborn with time. Getting rid of them might be difficult if the furniture is not regularly cleaned.

Furniture Upholstery can also be done at home by various methods. The stains and dirt can be removed with the help of a quality brush, a good vacuum cleaner, baking soda, detergents, etc. This can be done regularly to ensure that the furniture does not get dirty.

Housewife as a cleaning lady during spring cleaning while vacuuming a sofa

Cleaning upholstery regularly ensures the following:

  • Long Life for your furniture: Cleaned and maintained furniture will normally be in good condition for longer. Residuals and dirt if allowed to gather on the furniture, affects its looks.
  • Removing the bad smell: Cleaning in intervals of the upholstery keeps the house smelling good. This is important as the smell from the kitchen, cigars get trapped.
  • Nice Air Quality: Removing the odor also removes the bacteria and germs from the air making it cleaner and reducing any health and allergy issues.

But for proper cleaning and maintenance of your furniture, it is advisable to contact a good and certified furniture upholstery cleaning company. This is because they use professional techniques and involve manifold methods to clean the furniture perfectly. They also make sure not to use any substance affecting the quality of the fabric or material of the furniture. Professional furniture upholstery cleaning companies have a proven step-by-step cleaning process using deep cleaning methods, steam cleaning, and removal of stains.

Depending on the fabric, they use cleaning methods to ensure the fabric remains intact. Since the fabrics can be both natural (derived from plant or animal sources) and artificial (wool, linen, silk, cotton, nylon, acrylic), it is important to maintain the texture.

The fabrics are coded as follows for the cleaning solutions:

  • S- Solvent-based cleaning solution
  • WS- Water and Solvent-based ( both can be used)
  • X- Neither Water nor Solvent-based. In this case, vacuum cleaning is done.

Depending on the stains and dirt, the furniture is either cleaned or deep cleaned. After which, deodorizers are used to remove the smell. The last step involves sanitization and using disinfectants to get rid of any germs or bacteria.

The cost of professional furniture upholstery cleaning services depends on the company’s performance and market placement. It usually takes around 4-6 hours for the furniture to dry.

Some of the points that can help keep the types of furniture always in good condition are:

  • Air filter: Having an air filter confines the dirt and dust from the air and does not allow it to accumulate on the furniture.
  • Using exhaust fans in the kitchen to remove the smell of the food.
  • Keeping an ashtray for cigarettes.
  • Not allowing any stains to accumulate and cleaning them, if any, then and there.

Several professional and reliable furniture upholstery cleaning services provide excellent and eco-friendly cleaning methods. They offer their services for both residential and commercial purposes.

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