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What You’ll Find in a Yoga Subscription Box

A typical yoga subscription box contains an athletic outfit, usually comprised of a pair of bottoms, a top, and a sports bra based on your style preferences, which is sent to you on a monthly basis.

If you’re looking to jazz up your athleisure wardrobe, or just looking for a fun new way to spoil yourself, a subscription box may be just what you need. You will be able to receive a new outfit every month for a flat fee, with pieces from well-known, high-performance brands.

yoga club subscription box

What can you expect?

We have all heard of subscription boxes – these days, there seems to be a subscription box for everything, including meals, toys for our pets, and work outfits. I LOVE subscription boxes; I have tried various, including YogaClub, and have loved them. It is like a gift to yourself every month, often including surprises.

To sign up for most subscription services, the process usually includes:

  • Filling out a short quiz about your style preferences
  • Clicking through some sample outfits to further determine your preferences
  • Selecting your typical size
  • Choosing how often you’d like to receive a box

The box usually contains a ready-to-wear outfit, (bottoms, a top), and a sports bra. This guarantees that you will feel cute, fresh, and ready to work out each time you get your new box!

Why is this a great choice?

This subscription is an perfect monthly gift to yourself if you enjoy yoga or working out, or just love lounging in cute athleisure pieces (especially right now when many of us are still working from home!)

Over the last year, I’m sure we have all struggled with the motivation to do things that we love – which for a lot of us includes working out, doing yoga, stretching or even going for a walk. Feeling put together in a new outfit can help that motivation – at the very least, giving yourself a monthly gift of a new, perfectly styled outfit can help you feel better while working at home.

I know for me, if I am lounging all day in the same sweatpants that I’ve been wearing for days, I do not feel motivated to do my best work. If I put in a bit of effort and put on a cute outfit, I am more likely to have the motivation to get things done!

Subscription boxes are also usually at a great price compared to retail prices. You will often pay less (sometimes up to 50% less!) for an outfit or collection of products than you would at a store.

It is also a great way to learn about and try new brands you may be unfamiliar with. You may just find the perfect leggings for yoga or the perfect sports bra for running. I’m sure you will find a great piece for whatever you’re looking for!

Another great feature is that you are not locked into anything – you can always change the frequency of the deliveries, skip months or cancel the membership if you decide it is not for you.

Worth a try!

I would probably try any subscription box at least once. I love to treat myself, and if you’re like me, you might forget that your box is on the way and get an exciting surprise at your door! It feels like having your birthday every month when you get a package at your door is a great gift to yourself.

A subscription box could also make a great gift for the yoga lover in your life – you could set up a bi-monthly subscription for a friend or family member; definitely a gift that keeps on giving!

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