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What Are Some Ways to Prevent a Motorcycle Accident Before It Occurs?

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Did you know that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in an accident than passenger vehicle occupants?

There are many reasons for this alarming statistic.

Motorcycles are harder to see on the road and they struggle with lane splitting and road hazards. 

When accidents happen, the lack of safety features makes motorcycle injuries more likely.

The good news: there are several things you can do to prevent a motorcycle accident.

Here are five of the most effective motorcycle safety tips.

Wear Safety Gear

Safety gear protects you from injury and makes you easier to see on the road.

If you don’t have any, find a specialized motorcycle gear store near you.

Don’t get used gear or buy it online, as there’s no guarantee it will protect you.

Once you have your gear, make sure to wear it at all times while riding a motorcycle.

Your gear should include a helmet, boots, gloves, and a protective jacket.

man puting on safety gear before riding a motorcycle

Don’t Take Risks

Speeding on a motorcycle feels great, but it’s also very dangerous.

If you’re on an active road, do your best to keep control of your pace.

When entering corners, follow the “slow in, fast out” rule to avoid crashing into obstacles.

Also, resist the temptation to ride between cars in heavy traffic.

You might end up saving some time, but the risk of disaster is too great.

A Motorcycle Sat Nav 2020 is essential to make sure you know where you are going.

The dangers include everything from a door opening to a car cutting in front of you.

Practice Braking

Though you can’t prevent every accident, you can prepare for it.

Braking quickly is a skill that comes in very handy in your time of need. 

To practice it, find an empty parking lot and keep speeding up and slamming on your brakes.

While braking, your main goal should be to keep your steering straight.

For best results, start at smaller speeds (5 mph) and increase them as you get comfortable.

man practicing braking on motorcycle to prevent accident

Be Aware of Surroundings

Some drivers tend to have issues spotting motorcycles on the road.

Sometimes you’ll be in their blind spot, but oftentimes they just won’t be paying attention.

As a rule of thumb, your best bet is to assume the drivers can’t see you anyway.

For instance, if you see a car backing up, don’t behave as if they’ll see you in time to stop. Wait for them to finish and go on your way.

Otherwise, you could end up needing the services of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Maintain Your Bike

Our final tip for preventing bad motorcycle accidents is to maintain your motorcycle.

Pay particular attention to your tires and rotate them if they’re out of alignment.

Change them regularly to prevent sliding and skidding.

You should also check your lights, brakes, and exhaust system before every ride.

If you start hearing strange noises or have trouble steering, visit a mechanic.

man maintaining motorcycle

More on Avoiding a Motorcycle Accident

By following these tips, you’ll do your part in preventing motorcycle crashes.

One final piece of advice: don’t drink and drive.

About half of all bad motorcycle wrecks in the U.S. involve alcohol, so being responsible counts for a lot.

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