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5 Things Video Games Do To Your Brain

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Video games are undoubtedly one of the most important kinds of entertainment in the digital era.

The gaming industry is booming each year with its growing revenue.

In 2019 its value was estimated at $120 billion and expected to achieve a $230 billion worth by the end of 2022.

Video games come with many different forms, designs, and graphics, so literally every person can find something suitable for them.

 If you thought that the greatest popularity of video games is still among children, you are nothing but wrong.

In fact, the average age of a gamer is 33 years old.

No wonder that at Best Budget gaming is such a hot topic.

A virtual environment attracts different generations and totally absorbs their brains.

The question is, what happens when they go back to reality?

Below you can find five significant things video games do to your brain.

video game controller on counter with tv in the background

Problem-solving skills

Considering so many types of games and, therefore, many different kinds of problems gamers face, it seems to be clear that video games can sharpen your problem-solving skills and significantly improve decision-making processes.

Solving many complex issues in the virtual world enriches the player with various approaches to the problem as much as it increases the ability to visualize the actual results of it.

Taking into account all the action-packed games or the logical ones where you need to find the entry or prevent the disaster, keep gamer’s problem-solving skill muscles exercised continuously.

This goes hand in hand with the speed of making a proper decision.

Many games give you the time limit, which simply has to keep you focused on both running times and finding a solution.

girl intensely playing video games

Better memory

Many of the video games require full concentration and fast reaction time.

Some of them fill you with information you need to memorize in order to defeat the enemy.

It’s also pretty common to multitask if you want to survive the virtual battle.

While doing any of these things, you exercise your hippocampus.

Its an element of the limbic system responsible for memory.

In detail, it’s responsible for converting short-term memory to long-term memory and increases your general ability to learn.

Moreover, some specific games like Call of Duty enable the player to effectively decide what sort of information should be stored in his memory, and which is not worth bothering.

group of mean and women having fun playing video games

Increased perception

Focusing an eye of a player for many little details, fast-moving action, and different stimuli affecting at the same time may have a great impact on the perception.

Imagine that you are looking for your fellows in a place fully packed with people, and suddenly, in the middle of the crowd, you catch a glimpse of your friends.

How did it happen?

You see, action game players keep their eyes specifically focused on targeting and beating the enemy in a 3D space.

This is what improves their perception skills and helps to track the more objects in a shorter time.

Non-players perception works definitely slower and not on such a broad scale. 

girls having a girls night with popcorn and video games

Strategy building

The complicated plot of the game dements the player to create a strong long-term strategy and highlight their most important objectives.

To make it harder, in the game, you are bombarded with many different and complex kinds of problems.

In this case, you can learn how to build a solid strategy that helps you achieve your goals and how to prevent that strategy from any damage.   

what video games do to your brain


Video games can teach you more than you are aware of.

Managing the time pressure, a specific number of warriors, and their skills, limited resources, or anything that you are responsible for is not easy.

Practicing how to use your resources helps you manage them in the real world.

Moreover, studies have shown that many people, by playing strategic games, got inspired to set up businesses focused on logistics.

Many different outcomes of the game subconsciously help you estimate the potential risk as well.

It looks like the video games world is a mine of knowledge that can make you a great employee or leader.

The bottom line

 Video games have a growing power with their popularity and the constant affection on the human brain.

Paradoxical as it seems, they train you to have better ability to function in the real world.

All the important skills you sharpen by playing video games can significantly impact your non-virtual life and your personality.

However, remember to keep the balance and let your brain rest.

Gaming sessions have their time limits; you should respect to keep your mind and body in good shape.

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