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7 Useful Wedding Planning Tips for A Perfect Wedding

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You’ve been preparing for marriage. He’s proposed, and now it’s time to plan! Yes, it is possible to have a perfect wedding. It will require a lot of footwork from all the parties, but the results will be well worth it. In any case, it is not every other day that people wed. It is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and so we all want to make it as colorful as possible.

If you are planning for a wedding his summer, in fall or anytime in the future, you need to know the most important wedding planning tips. If you do not plan well, your wedding could be a shambles.

Just follow the tips shared below:

Useful Wedding Planning Tips for A Perfect Wedding

Useful Wedding Planning Tips for A Perfect Wedding

Choose A Venue That Has Everything You Need For The Wedding

The closer everything is together; the more successful your wedding will be. Plan to hold your wedding at a venue that has accommodation for your guests. That means you are going to choose a venue that is close to good hotels where you can book accommodation for the guests.

The reception and evening party should be held at the same place where the wedding is taking place. This saves time and is very convenient for everyone.

Book A Wedding Venue Months Instead Of Years In Advance

If you book a wedding venue a year or longer in advance, you will pay more than a person who books theirs five months in advance. When you have a shorter time to the wedding date, you can bargain harder. Besides, this is the same venue that has been booked by others a year away from doing their wedding. It is a win-win for the owners of the venue. Make sure you avoid these common wedding planning mistakes.

Hire A Wedding Planner

This may sound so cliché. But it really is true that you only get to have the best wedding if you let an expert plan it for you. Besides, when you leave the technical details in the hands of experts, you get the time to plan your own stuff yourself and to prepare for the wedding.

Buy Different Services From The Same Vendor If Possible

If you find a florist who offers decorations, cake, and any other wedding service, buy from them. When you are buying many things from the same vendor, you can drive a hard bargain. If you cannot find a vendor who offers everything, look for one who can do invitations, lighting, flowers, and decorations. Dig in your heels and bargain like crazy.

Decide On The Guests Before Choosing A Venue

The guests should help you determine what size of the venue to choose. Create the guest list first; go over it with a fine tooth comb until you have the final list. That should guide you on the size of the venue. Experts say that you should ensure there is an area of 25 square feet for every guest.

Choose The Wedding Date Keenly

You do not want to choose a wedding date that falls on the same day as the biggest exhibition in town. If there is a charity run planned for that day, traffic could be diverted, which could affect your wedding badly.  Know about the weather predictions for that week.

The Bar Is The Dealmaker/Breaker

People can forget all the food that they ate at your wedding, but they will not forget the cocktails. Thus, you should choose your own special cocktail and then get enough people to serve it at the bar. Make enough bars too depending on the number of guests. You do not want the queues to be too long.

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