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5 Unique Virtual Hangout Ideas

Video chat is the perfect way to chat with friends and family you can’t see in person. But like many people, you might find yourself in a rut. 

We’ve all done online trivia sashes, group viewing parties, and similar activities. At this point, you’re probably looking for new activities that will spice up your virtual hangouts. 

The good news is that there are still many creative options out there. See below for some of the best ideas you and your group have to try.

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1. Watch a Magic Show 

Yes, they do have online magic shows! These aren’t just for kids, either. Many entertainment companies and individual entertainers have taken their acts online, showing off mind-blowing tricks that are just as impressive as they would be in person. 

A magic show online is a great option because it leaves you guessing how the magician accomplishes their tricks, so you’ll always be on the edge of your seat. With such an engaging performance, you and your guests might even forget you’re watching through a screen. 

2. Have a Cooking Competition 

While we may not be able to taste each other’s food, having a digital cooking competition is a great way to switch up regular video chats. Just get a few of your friends together on the video chat application you prefer and set up your laptop in your kitchen. Have one friend choose a few ingredients and see who can come up with an original dish the fastest. The best part is that you’ll also be bustling around your kitchen instead of staring at your screen the entire time. 

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3. Host an Album Listening Party 

If your favorite artist has put out a new album, having a digital album listening party is a fun and exciting way to listen to new music for the first time, says How-To Geek. Video chat with friends who like the same artist and listen to the new album together. This way, you can pause after each song to discuss which one is your favorite, the meaning of the lyrics, and more. There’s nothing better than sharing something new with those you care about. 

4. Have a DJ Night 

If you prefer listening to music that you’ve curated yourself, how about hosting a DJ night? Each friend can compile a playlist of their favorite songs as a surprise for the others. New York Times has a guide to make the perfect playlist. You can even take it a step further by picking fun themes to curate your playlist around. For example, each person could create a playlist for their favorite book, favorite movie character, or even for each other. 

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5. Host a Virtual Scavenger Hunt 

It may sound silly to have a virtual scavenger hunt, but they’re more fun than you think. With something like a scavenger hunt, everyone on the video call is engaged and has to use their critical thinking skills to not feel like a virtual event. Have someone come up with a list of items that you each need to find around your house, and whoever returns to their computer first with each item gets the point. You could divide into groups, come up with difficult questions for extra points, or anything else you think would spice up the event. 

Organize Your Virtual Hangout Today

Just because you are having a virtual chat doesn’t mean it will be boring. There are many fun, dynamic options to choose from to ensure that you and your friends have as much fun as you would in person. Whether you decide to host a virtual scavenger hunt, attend a virtual magic show, or do something in between, you’ll be sure to have a great time. 


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