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Tutorial: Laundry Tip

How to Remove “Protein” Stains
As you know, Charlotte the Great has had three bloody noses in two months that have required an Emergency Room visit. This has resulted in blood stained clothing. It’s also getting close to Spring which means my kiddos will be tearing up the grass in play.
Loosely translated this all means Protein Stains on the laundry.
You know I love laundry and I’m always up for a stain challenge–therefore, I present to you….
As always, this works best the sooner you “catch” it–I’m using a shirt Charlotte the Great had from two weeks ago. She was going to throw it away so I told her to “bring it on over”!
Here we have “blood”
Using Hydrogen Peroxide, saturate the “protein”
It’s going to foam like crazy. Let it.
Let the garment sit with the peroxide for a few minutes.
Add more peroxide.
Let sit.
You’ll want to keep adding peroxide until it no longer “bubbles”
Once the peroxide stops bubbling, take a brush (I have a dedicated laundry toothbrush)
and gently scrub the protein stain. If it starts to bubble again you’ll want to let it sit and work it’s magic.
The stain will disappear like magic (see above picture).
To remove these stains it took about 25 minutes.
You can do this same process on mattresses, clothing and carpet. I always recommend testing for color-fastness first!
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