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Under the Tuscan Sun: 7 Key Reasons Why You Should Visit Tuscany

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When it comes to gorgeous travel destinations, it’s hard to beat the beauty of Tuscany. This is a travel destination filled with inspiring architecture, romantic restaurants, and streets lined with picturesque neighborhoods and shops.

If you’ve been considering a visit to Tuscany, there are plenty of fantastic experiences awaiting you.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best reasons to visit Italy and things to do in Tuscany that will make your trip as memorable as possible. Keep reading to learn about places to visit in Tuscany that you will be talking about for many years to come.

Tuscan sun setting over grave vineyard in Tuscany

7 Key Reasons Why You Should Visit Tuscany

1. Amazing Food

As you plan a trip, it’s nearly impossible to discuss a visit to Tuscany without mentioning the food. In fact, if you consider yourself a foodie, you won’t find better cuisine anywhere in the world.

The food here is truly unforgettable. From amazing meat dishes to incredible pasta and soup, a tour of Tuscany will make your mouth water and keep you coming back for more.

Tuscan cuisine features some of the finest pasta imaginable. From carbonara to spaghetti and tagliatelle, you won’t want to leave until you’ve indulged in everything dish under the sun.

2. Historic Cities

Italy is full of history. In fact, this is a country that has been at the center of some of the most important historical events of the past several centuries.

This includes Tuscany, a region that has a long and fascinating history of its own. Walking these magical streets, you’ll feel transported back in time. It’s a destination with seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, featuring historic relics that date all the way back to the Bronze Age.

As you are strong among the cobblestone lanes, it’s hard to fathom that you are walking on paths that were once Roman trade routes. And you can sip espresso in lovely cafes that have remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years.

3. The Wine

For wine lovers, Tuscany is among the ultimate destinations of the world. The soil here is ideal for producing some of the finest wines you’ll ever taste. After all, the hills are sun-drenched, resulting in the perfect conditions for growing and cultivating grapes.

Spend a weekend in the Tuscan countryside, and you’ll fall in love with this place. It is a region that’s renowned for its amazing vintages. We recommend taking a tour of the Tuscan wine country, where you’ll enjoy a wide variety of wines that will make you a fan for life.

4. Thermal Hot Springs

Believe it or not, this region is rich in natural hot springs. If you’ve never spent time soaking in a hot spring, you’re in for a real treat.

Most of the towns sprinkled throughout the region have modern spas where you can relax in the steaming waters as you enjoy a glass of world-class wine.

The natural hot springs of Tuscany are reinvigorating, and this is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. You can either take advantage of the modern spa at your hotel or find an outdoor hot spring that can be used for free.

5. The Art

It’s no great secret that Italy has produced some of the greatest art the world has ever known. All across the country, there are museums dedicated to collecting inspiring works of art that capture the human spirit and give you goosebumps.

This is especially true of Tuscany. When it comes to art, this region is simply second to none. In fact, many people don’t realize that the Renaissance actually began in Tuscany. The area in and around Florence remains a huge influence on the artistic heritage and culture of Europe.

Tuscany offers plenty of amazing places that you can visit to see the art of the Renaissance firsthand. These include Uffizi and the Pitti Palace. Both of these locations contain works of art that will blow your mind. We suggest bringing along a sketchpad in case the spirit of inspiration moves you as you gaze upon masterpieces by Donatello and Leonardo da Vinci.

You will leave with a new appreciation for the great masters of centuries gone by. And your next meal and glass of wine will taste even better after time spent surrounded by the most important works of art on the planet.

6. Incredible Scenery

It’s nearly impossible to fully prepare yourself for the experience of spending time in the Tuscany region of Italy. The beauty truly is overwhelming.

From the vineyards of the rolling hills of the Chianti wine region to the grandeur of the Apennines mountains and the Apuan Alps, to the Etruscan Coast, it’s easy to lose yourself in this scenic wonderland.

Spend time on the Mediterranean Sea, exploring the clear water, sea cliffs, and white sand beaches. Stroll along the lagoons of the Argentario in the south, where the ethereal beauty of the islands will forever enchant you.

Tuscany is quite simply an endless postcard of natural beauty.

7. Adventure

Whether you plan to travel alone, with a special companion, or with a group, Tuscany offers plenty of adventure for everyone. This is a culturally rich destination, filled with natural wonders, incredible food, an endless array of wines, and some of the most colorful and friendly people found anywhere on the planet.

We recommend taking plenty of long hikes, or rent a Vespa, or even take a hot air balloon ride so that you can explore the countryside from a bird’s-eye view. The key to the ultimate experience is to say yes to every opportunity for adventure that comes your way. We promise that there will be plenty!

The Best Reasons to Visit Tuscany

The list of reasons contained in this article to visit Tuscany represents only the tip of the iceberg. After all, it’s hard to capture in words the beauty and romance of this amazing region of Italy. We promise that if you visit once, you’ll never want to leave, and you’ll plan to return again and again.

Be sure to visit our website for more information on planning an amazing Tuscan getaway.

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