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How to Turn Your Attic into the Perfect Playroom for Your Kids

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How to Turn Your Attic into the Perfect Playroom for Your Kids

Parents do their best to be able to provide for the family, in particular for the needs of their children. This includes allowing their children the freedom to enjoy and play.

How to Turn Your Attic into the Perfect Playroom for Your Kids

Of course, in this case, keeping kids safe is paramount. Unfortunately, confining them in one place with nothing to do may just create problems later on. One good project that parents and their children can do is build a playroom inside the house where kids can have fun with their siblings and friends.

Turning the attic or loft as a playroom

The good news is that you can convert the attic or loft, and transform it into a space that can serve whatever purpose you may have in mind. Your attic may be full of old things and have accumulated dust and cobwebs over the years. Why not make something useful out of it by repurposing it as a playroom for your children?

What could make children feel very excited about their special room is when you allow them to be part of the planning process to think about how the room should look. Stuffing the room with toys and trinkets may not be enough to make them excited about the playroom. Instead, the room should be something that breathes life and energy into your kids as soon as they step inside.

Preparing the attic for your playroom project

Before starting with the project, ensure that your attic is suitable for the loft conversion.  You need to make sure that the room is safe for your children to use. Here are some things to consider before remodeling the loft or attic:

  • Make sure that there is enough ventilation so that air can freely come and go. If you have a small, fixed window, you may want to change it into something bigger to allow more light to go through. This will save electricity when your children want to play during the daytime.
  • Check the wirings. Since your attic may be the less frequented room in the house, some of the fixtures may have been broken, or there might be faulty wiring.
  • Create a plan on how you would want the loft to look, by measuring the space and checking all the things that you might be adding in once the loft is fully constructed.
  • Turn your old things into cash. Consider having a garage sale so you can get rid of the things that you have long kept and no longer use. Use the proceeds to buy the materials needed for the project such as paint, storage boxes, small table and chairs, and pillows.

On a side note, repurposing your attic can add value to your home should you consider moving into a new house. An updated, polished look will sweep off any buyer’s feet.

More tips on building the playroom

Here are more ways on how you can create that perfect playroom:

  • Choose a design that your children would love.
  • Make use of colors that shout “happy place!”.
  • Choose the toys that your children play with.
  • Provide enough storage so that your kids also learn how to keep their toys after they play with them.
  • You may add adorable wall decals to liven up the room.

By giving your children this space, you let them learn valuable lessons, such as being creative and being responsible. Your kids may even forget the arcade or the outdoor playground when you have already built them their little wonderland at home.

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