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9 Travel Essentials to Pack in Your Bag

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Do you end up forgetting items at home and need them when you’re miles away? No need to curse yourself. One definitely learns from past experiences. To keep your forgetful self from making such mistakes again, here’s a list of travel essentials that you need to carry with you while you’re traveling:

1. Charger and Headphones

travel essentials chargers and headphones

Since we’re not living in the 90s anymore, everything we own runs on batteries and needs to be charged now and then. Do not make the mistake of forgetting your charger at home. Forgetting a charger means you don’t get to use any of the devices you’ve packed with you.

No trip is ever complete without your favorite music. Whether it is the long flight hours or train commutes within the city, music saves the day. You can always get an inexpensive pair of earbuds under $50 or wireless headphones if you don’t want to risk losing your expensive ones.

2. Medicine

Always keep a pack of frequently used medicines with you when you’re traveling, as one is never aware of unforeseen circumstances they might have to face. This should include painkillers (for headaches), diarrhea/ constipation medicines, anti-allergic medicines, and sedatives (to get over jet lag soon).

3. Nail Clippers

Check your airline policies about nail clippers and filers before you tuck these in. If however, you’re traveling by road, always keep a nail clipper with you since you’re at the highest risk of chipping a nail off while loading and unloading your luggage during your trip. Don’t let your chipped nail ruin your day. Little things matter.

4. Travel Size Toiletries

You never know what kind of accommodation will you end up with, and whether or not the soaps, shampoos, and toothpaste will suit you. So, its always advisable to keep your own toiletries in your carry on. This should include dry shampoos too, which comes in handy when you’re not planning to shower right away.

5. Personal Hygiene Items (Hand Sanitizer, Deodorants, Antibacterial Wipes)

Do not forget to keep your hand sanitizer, deodorant and antibacterial wipes with you while you’re on the go. Personal hygiene comes before everything, and these items only take up little space compared to the utility they provide.

6. Travel Pillow

Travel pillows make the world a better place and traveling a breeze. No matter how comfortable your flight is, you will always get tired of sitting in the same place for hours and find it hard to sleep. A travel pillow will help you sleep no matter where you travel. If you’re on a world tour, travel pillows are a must, to make traveling a breeze.

7. Travel Wallet

travel essentials travel wallet

Travel wallets are designed to keep everything in place from your passports to cash, to hotel cards and receipts (which you might need to show at the airport to get your VAT refunded). There’s a good chance you’ll misplace certain things, which don’t fit in a regular wallet. This is the last thing you want on your holiday away from home.

So, invest in a compact travel wallet that keeps all your belongings in place.

8. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs

No matter how deep a sleeper you are, it’s always hard to sleep during flights. Eye masks and earplugs help you enjoy a sound sleep in flights. Since you only have so much control over the light and noise in an airplane, it’s always good to keep these items with you for a comfortable sleep.

9. Universal Adapter Plug

If you’re traveling outside the US, then you will need to carry this with you, since many of the appliances won’t be compatible with the plugs or voltage type abroad. Whether it’s your smartphones or laptop, you don’t want to feel that you’re stranded on an island with those uncharged devices of yours.

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