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Tracie Seed Design Feature

We are always on the go! It’s a chaotic comedy at its best. To minimize stress, each kiddo has their own tote. They are responsible for keeping it filled with activities to entertain them, snacks, and anything that they might need to endure errand running, a sibling’s recital or just a long car ride. It’s a great concept, though not fool-proof.

While looking at various tote ideas, I ran across Tracie Seed Designs. A shop named after the owner/creator herself, “I like the sound of my name, and I do so many different arts and crafts that I thought Designs encompassed all of that. Plus, I used to have a business several years ago with the same name. Just wanted to keep it consistent.”

Tracie Seed Designs materialize because Tracie “wanted a venue not only to sell my products but to showcase my creativity. It is easy to use and has low fees for listing products. I thought it was an economical way to start out rather than hosting my own website.”

This shop offers a selection of all things from jewelry to kid’s clothing. Tracie learned her talent at an early age. “I’ve always loved to draw since I can remember. My great-grandmother (Big Granny) taught me to sew when I was about seven years old. We used to make clothes for my dolls. My mother made a lot of my clothes when I was a child, so I helped out or watched what she did. Sewing connects me to the women in my past, and it brings me so much serenity, well, as long as I don’t have to keep ripping out stitches! I honed my drawing and painting talents while in college. I’ve also taken some Continuing Ed Classes at the RISD in Providence. I am currently in the process of teaching myself Corel Draw so I can move into the graphic design realm. I especially like creating designs for women and children.”

Her creations are her own, and many of them are multi-functional. “I like to add a personal touch to my designs. I think they are casual yet cool at the same time. When possible, I try to make multifunctional pieces when possible like my 3 in One Accessory Necklace/Bracelet/Headband or the Rose Belt Adornment you can wear with two different sized belts.” She also always offers gift wrapping on request.

Over the course of years, Tracie has created some wonderful things, but when it comes to her favorite, she remembers, “One summer about 20 years ago my Mom and I made a quilt together. It is an alphabet quilt, and I illustrated each letter with pretty intricate fabric applique. I still have it. It is sun bleached in spots, but I still love it. I used it as a giant play quilt for both my babies—and all their friends!” Then, reflecting on her role as daughter and mother, she adds, “Second place would be my son’s changing table. My dad built the table, and I painted it with a “Cow Jumped Over the Moon” theme. Now my son uses it in the basement as X-box/Wii central. The TV is on top, and the games are stored underneath.”

Tracie Seeds Design doesn’t need much for the inspiration. Tracie says creating “brings me such peace and serenity. It is almost an involuntary act like a heartbeat. I get inspired by anything from designs I see in stores or magazine or my children or just the material itself. It speaks to me.” From here, the creation process takes off. “Basically I just get a design in my head for whatever….a drawing, graphic design, fabric creation, painting…”

When she’s not creating in her studio, Tracie enjoys “yoga, scrapbooking, photography, reading, playing Canasta, playing board games with the kids, walking, hanging on the beach.”

With so much “doing” and so many things to enjoy, Tracie is looking for a more portable craft, “I would like to learn to knit. Something I could take with me.”

Tracie Seeds Designs are something that “I literally schedule it into my day. My husband is very supportive and helps out a lot with the house and kids when I am in a creative frenzy.”

Like most mothers, Tracie’s most significant accomplishment so far is “I know it sounds cheesy, but I have to say, my children. I’ve already taught my kids the basics of sewing. My son currently takes an after school quilting class. He is proud to be the only boy there, and I always reassure him that there are plenty of men designers and regular guys who sew. He loves making quilts, and my daughter is an expert pillow maker. She likes to design things for me to make for her.”

Ten years from now, Tracie “would love to be still creating. Maybe have my own tiny little store with a studio in the back.”

In corresponding with Tracie, I learned she is friendly and open, “I have a hubby, two kids (son, 10; daughter, 7), two ragdoll cats and one golden retriever puppy. I make items for an area store called Kreatelier. ”

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