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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Having a Nose Job

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It’s true that people often get a nose job for cosmetic reasons. You may not realize that choosing to undergo plastic cosmetic surgery in Calgary related to the nose can also correct some physical issues. Does one of the following happen to apply to you? If so, it’s time to talk with a medical professional and see if undergoing some form of rhinoplasty is right for you.

Rhinoplasty.Before and after. process of reconstructing nose


You Don’t Like the Size or Shape of Your Nose

Is there something about the appearance of the nose that you don’t like?

Perhaps you consider your nose to be too long or too short.

Maybe it’s wider or more narrow than you would like.

Whatever the dimensions happen to be, there’s a good chance that the issue can be corrected with the right approach to rhinoplasty.

A plastic surgeon can examine the nose and provide some insight into what changes would improve the appearance while making sure the nose was properly proportioned for the rest of your face.

Thanks to the use of software, it’s possible to give you an idea of how those changes would affect your appearance.

This is important since you want to determine what shape and size would be best before the procedure is scheduled.

You Have Difficulty Breathing Through Your Nose

Something about the physical contours of the nose or the nasal passages makes it difficult to breathe through one or both nostrils.

The good news is that plastic cosmetic surgery in Calgary can correct many of those issues.

Along with being happier with your appearance, the surgery also makes it possible to breathe easier.

You Get Sinus Infections More Often Than Normal

Some types of physical issues can make people more likely to develop sinus infections.

Since dealing with infections regularly is tiresome at best, it only makes sense to explore what some type of rhinoplasty would accomplish.

Fortunately, this type of cosmetic work can bring about changes that decrease the odds of developing an infection. You’ll see the benefit when you go an entire year without any type of sinus issue.

You Have a Deviated Septum

MayoClinic shares that while many people associate a deviated septum with difficulty breathing, that is only one way the problem can manifest. 

The symptoms include the swelling of nasal tissue, nosebleeds, and facial pain.

A deviated septum may cause you to make more sounds while sleeping, something that could keep your partner awake.

Undergoing plastic cosmetic surgery in Calgary normalizes the shape and dimensions of the nostrils.

That, in turn, decreases the potential for swelling, the frequency, and severity of nosebleeds and makes it possible to sleep without snoring as loudly or as often.

You’ve Been in an Accident

Accidents that involve some type of injury to the face often involve the nose.

You may need to undergo rhinoplasty as a way to rebuild a nose that’s severely damaged.

Perhaps the surgery will focus on restoring the nose to a proper shape or replacing some lost portion due to the accident.

In cases like this, the focus is on restoring function as well as appearance.

That includes making sure there are no obstructions in the nasal passages, that the passages are uniform, and that the shape and dimensions of the nose are balanced with your other facial features.

While the recovery in this instance may take some time, the results make the effort worth the time and expense.

Have you wondered what a nose job would do for you?

Why not make an appointment with a surgeon and find out?

It won’t take long to examine the nose, identify any issues that need to be corrected, and determine what shape would be right for you.

Once you approve the suggestions, it won’t take long to schedule the procedure.

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