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Useful Tips for Keeping Pests Away from Your Home

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Being proactive about pest prevention can save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Most people have minor heart attacks at the sight of a roach or small animal. There are steps you can take to avoid facing your fears. Here are some tips you can follow to make sure your house is free of unwelcome guests.

Useful Tips for Keeping Pests Away from Your Home

Make Sure Your Home is Properly Sealed

Pests can easily make it into your home if they find any openings. Examine the exterior of your house for any gaps or crevices in the foundation. Make sure to patch these openings quickly. Purchase a tube of low-VOC silicone caulk to seal up holes around windows and doors. Also make sure the areas around your external dryer vent, and anywhere where pipes leave your home are properly sealed. This will prevent small insects such as cockroaches and ants from invading your home. Buy a door sweep to block the gap between the bottom of your door and the ground. If you are looking for an easy installation process, select one that simply sticks to the bottom of the door with an adhesive strip.

Make Sure Screens Cover Chimney Vents

Some open spots in your home will need something larger to cover them, and caulking simply won’t do the job. For these areas, buy screens or vents to ensure pests can’t make it into your home. Make sure they fit properly and that you replace them periodically. If you neglect to address larger openings, animal problems such as bat infestations can get serious.

Store Food in Closed Containers

Make sure you have containers for sealing up food for storage. The last thing you want is to provide a food source for unwelcome guests. Place food in a cupboard that fastens for safe keeping. Store your fruit in the refrigerator rather than on the counter. Left out produce can rot and attract fruit flies. Clean up dirty dishes immediately after eating to avoid leaving out any food particles. Also, wipe down counters to get rid of any traces of food.

Watch Where You Put Your Trash

When you go to buy a garbage can for inside your house, make sure you purchase one that has a lid. You don’t want pests to have easy access to your leftovers. Empty the garbage regularly. Keep the trash bin away from any outside doors to prevent outdoor pests from being drawn indoors. Wait to clean out your refrigerator until the day before garbage day. You don’t want meat laying out in the heat outside to allure pests. If you recycle, wash out all containers before placing them in the bin.

Trim Branches and Shrubbery

Don’t let tree branches and shrubbery grow too long. Squirrels and raccoons can use branches and bushes to get on the roof and into your attic. Instead of using mulch around your foundation, use rock or stone. Animals prefer living in mulch, so you will want to find something they are less attracted to. By making sure you keep your yard tidy, you will better be able to avoid pools of moisture forming. Water is breeding ground for mosquitos and other pests.

Install Halogen Lights

Flying insects will flock to bright lights. When installing lighting, choose halogen lights when possible. Lights with a pink, orange, or yellow tint attract fewer pests. Try not to place lights outdoors near entrances. Porch areas are popular places for flying animals. One way you can work to ward them off your property is by painting the ceiling of your porch the same color as the sky. This will create an illusion and deter insects from congregating on your doorstep.

Control Excess Moisture

If you have still water around your home, it’s likely pests will infest your property. If you have a plumbing leak, get it fixed fast. Install gutters on the outside of your house that direct water properly. Make sure sinks are drained, and standing puddles in your house are mopped up. It does not take much water for pests to survive on. Avoid overwatering your lawn because this can also attract rodents.

Have Your Home Regularly Inspected

It never hurts for a professional to check your property for mice and bugs. Schedule seasonal inspections to make sure all crevices are sealed. Pest control companies will also be able to spray pesticides in and around your home to prevent infestations.

Consider an insect trap to help maintain flying pests.

We’ve shared the best way to get rid of the mouse in the house and other pests.

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