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Tips for Your First Visit to Disney World

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Disney World, also known as Walt Disney World Resort, is the biggest and the most popular entertainment complex in the world. It covers more than 100 square km and consists of 4 parks, 2 aqua parks, 24 hotels and many diverse shops, cafés, restaurants, and other popular tourist attractions.

It’s one of the world’s most popular attractions; situated in Florida State, USA and it has hosted millions of visitors each year since 1971. Visiting it is a dream of all children around the world, and even after becoming grown-ups, people still go crazy about Disney theme parks.

Planning a trip to Disney World might be challenging because reality usually differs from expectations. So we prepared tips to make your Disney World vacation planning less burdensome and your first trip an unforgettable adventure. Here are essential tips for you to know before visiting Disney World.

walt disney world resort

Avoid public holidays

In 2016 the Magic Kingdom, one of Disney’s four theme parks was visited by 20,395,000 tourists. Public holidays are an obvious reason to spend time together, and Disney World is one of the best family places for doing that. Set up your first trip for other days, aside from holidays to avoid long lines to tourist attractions.

Consider weather forecast

Weather is one of the trickiest elements of your vacation, which you cannot control or change, but you can predict it. Check out the weather forecast before planning your trip in order not to spoil your time there. Be aware that during summer months, Florida gets quick, heavy thunderstorms. Prepare for this, and your first visit to Disney World will be filled with great memories.

Fun vs. exhaustion

Long walks and lines may tire you out, which means that you have to be physically prepared for your trip. Don’t forget to wear super comfy shoes for long distances around four theme parks, and take bottled water to stay hydrated during the day. Sunglasses are also your must-have for sunny Florida days.

Long lines and reality

Usually, it is a myth that long queue means cool attraction. Long lines are a typical Disney guest behavior, but before concluding about the worthiness of visiting this or that attraction, we have to take into consideration a type of attraction, its location, time of a day, time of the year and, as a result, tourists capacity in this very period. That is why long wait lines do not always mean its popularity. There is only one tip for the first-time visitor: lines to meet any character are always long.

walt disney world resort characters

Advance planning

Pre-booking hotels and restaurants and planning in advance of must-see attractions may save your time and nerves enormously. There is one peculiar thing about visiting popular places; everything takes longer than it seems. Hence, think of places you would like to visit most of all, make reservations to make your commuting better and save your time on long rides and senseless ramblings.

My Disney Experience app

My Disney Experience app is a mobile app which can tell you up to date information about character locations, time for rides, the longest tourist lines and many other useful tips for first Disney visitor you may need. All you need is to download the app before planning your trip.

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