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Tips for Making Your Spouse a Better Gift Giver

Some people hope to sleep in and maybe be handed a cup of coffee by their partner before getting out of bed.

Whatever desire you have for Valentine’s Day – or any other special occasion where your partner might be giving you a present – below are some great tips that will help you avoid the feeling of being let down.

You should not make it a game of guessing.

It is never a good idea to make gift-giving look like a test.

There is no need to be secretive and sly about what you want; just be open about it so your spouse can know what you want.

Point them in the direction of this list of gifts for your girlfriend.

This does not mean giving your spouse your wish list, with Amazon URLs and Pinterest images (though this will make things very easy for your partner if you did)

If there is something specific you are interested in – even if it is the type of present you would like to get, say, super practical or hopelessly romantic – do not sit back and assume your spouse is going to read your mind.

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Pointing Out Other Favorites

Are you very grateful for the gift certificate you received from your friend on your birthday?

Do you love the scarf you got as a Christmas gift from your mom?

It is important to let him know that you appreciate the gifts you have received from others, and he will be able to have a rough idea of the type of gifts you love.

Letting Him Know When He Gets It Right

When your spouse gets it right, make sure you let him know he got it right.

You can gush over it, then show how much you love the gift by using or wearing it when he is around.

This will make him feel proud because he got it right, and there is a good chance he is going to do it the next time.

Telling Him to Consider the Following Question

I got a good tip from one of my favorite shows, 30 Rock (imdb). Jack Donaghy gave this genius tip when it comes to gift-giving.

Liz Lemon asks him how he manages to get people the perfect gift – and often without having to spend any money.

He tells her he thinks about what he loves about a person, then looks for a gift that is going to reflect that.

If your spouse doesn’t have any idea about what to get you, then tell him to think about something he loves about you.

Maybe he loves how organized you are.

In such an instance, he can get you a day planner.

If he loves your cooking, you might get a brand-new non-stick pan.

Asking this question is going to be the perfect place to get started.

Encouraging Him to Think Beyond the Store

Having a house full of fancy stuff and a closet full of closets doesn’t make a person happy.

Studies show that spending money on experiences instead of things leads to increased well-being and satisfaction.

You can make things easier for your spouse by suggesting they focus on experiential purchases.

A pair of tickets to the theatre, a gift certificate for a manicure, or even a skydiving trip (this is an amazing idea for thrill-seekers out there) can be a great option.

What counts is the thought.

This is a cliché, but it is the truth.

When your spouse knows that what matters is the intention and not the end result, it takes a lot of pressure off him.

This will most likely result in better gifts.

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