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Tips For Making A Valentines Gift Box

Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year, and many couples look forward to it. However, getting a gift for your significant other could be a real hassle. This is especially true during the weeks before Valentine’s day. Why not customize your own gift box? This will not only show your significant other that you care for them, but it will also show that you are willing to go the extra mile to make a great gift. Here are tips for making Valentine’s gift box.

1. Choose A Unique Concept

When you start designing your Valentine’s gift, you must choose a unique concept. It need not be a very extravagant one. What’s important is that the concept captures the feel of your romance with your significant other. You don’t need to follow a set concept. Go with what feels natural for your relationship.

2. Use Valentine’s Day Motifs

If you want your Valentine’s Day box to look festive, you should use motifs that will signify the season of love. While you could put heart motifs on designs of your gift box, it could be a bit plain or cliche. Why not use flower motifs or cupid motifs instead? You could also use romantic poetry in your box designs.

Aside from the motifs, you should also choose your color scheme carefully. While red wine or pink is usual for most Valentine’s day boxes, this does not mean that you should follow it. Instead, it is better to choose the color you and your partner would like.

3. Select A Beautiful Luxury Box

When you start making your Valentine’s day box, one of the most important things to take into account is a luxury box. The luxury box should be made of durable materials. This will ensure that your partner could keep Valentine’s Day box as a keepsake of your love.

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Valentine's Gift Boxes

4. Fill The Box With Mementos Of Your Time As A Couple

If you are going to make your Valentine’s box as meaningful as possible, it is a good idea to fill it up with mementos of your time as a couple. This could be practically anything. A napkin from your very first date, or a picture from a first anniversary.

You could also put in a short journal that will symbolize your journey through life together. The options are practically limitless; what’s important is that these same mementos have a sentimental value for both of you.

5. Put A Few Luxurious Knick Knacks In The Box

Aside from mementos, you should also put in a few luxurious knick-knacks in the box. Remember you want to make your Valentine’s day box as romantic as possible. You could do this by adding some chocolates, wine, or maybe a beautiful bit of leatherwork to the box. You could also place a pair of beautifully crafted wine glasses to make the box more romantic.

You could also put a few spicy articles into your Valentine’s day box, such as steamy love letters or edible underwear. Remember that this is the day of love, so you should be more free with how you express your love. When you place the objects into your Valentine’s Day box, it is best if you arrange them as tastefully as possible.
Remember that your main objective is to impress your partner, so take your time with the arrangements.

6. Write A Heartfelt Letter

A heartfelt letter is always a great addition to Valentine’s day box. While the box itself should symbolize your love for your partner, a letter is a more straightforward way to do so. Choose a beautiful piece of paper, and write a poem or a short message for your loved one. The letter could contain old photos of you and your partner. This will help signify your time together as a couple and many more years to come.

When you write your letter, you should write from the heart. If you are a skilled writer, then go ahead and be as eloquent as possible. If you lack the writing skills though, you should not feel too pressured to write a great piece. What’s important is that you are sincere and that you show your partner the appreciation they deserve.

7. Flowers Are Always A Great Gift

Flowers are always a great addition when you design your Valentine’s day box. When you use flowers for your Valentine’s gift box, it is more advisable to use preserved flowers instead of fresh ones. Remember that you are not going to give your partner a bouquet. Instead, the flowers should act as accents to your Valentine’s day box. You could sprinkle the box with flower petals, or press a flower to the journal or the letter you will be giving to your significant other.

If you insist on getting a bouquet, you still could. However, it is best not to put the bouquet inside the box because the bouquet usually won’t fit in the box. Instead, it is best if you just use it as an accompaniment for your box.
When it comes to making a valentines gift box, it is important that you know what you are doing. With these tips, you’ll be able to customize a great valentines box for your significant someone.

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