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The Violin Solo

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It’s been an eventful day…a 16th birthday and a 6-year old’s violin performance. A rainy day tends to brings excitement I suppose.

We got ready…

One of us was the Diva:

The Diva, MacKenzie

One of us was Indiana Jones’ father, Henry:

Will disguised as “Henry Jones”

and then there was this handsome feller, my Rock Star!

The ever handsome, Jake

We arrived an hour early. Grandpa thought it would be a treat to go get coffee and maybe something to eat. We found a Burger King and took a seat.

I mentioned to William and MacKenzie not to let the maple syrup get them sticky as they were dipping away those tasty french toast sticks. Turns out, that was NOT what I should have been concerned with as William announces he needed to use the restroom.

I think his chronological sequencing was a little off kelter because there in that seat, his pants, front and back were SOAKED! We cleared our table. I took William to the restroom, then we loaded into the car and headed across the street to K-Mart.

Five minutes later, I returned to the car with a package of Marvel Underwear and new khaki dress pants and we were headed back to the Covey Center to witness our Abi’s violin solo.

Out of our soggy clothes and into our clean, smelling much better clothes!

Wouldn’t you know the front doors were locked and we had to enter through the South entrance…back to the car…around the block…finally there.

We’re probably the only people who can arrive an hour early for an event and show up “late”. Gotta love us for that!

The first solo had already performed, the second was in progress…there were NO seats…we separated and took what we could find. Jake, me and William together. MacKenzie and Grandpa Joe together across the room.

Abi comes to the stage, takes her place. Her bow glided across the strings. Her face contorted. Beautiful music filled the air. Okay, she’s no Kyoko Takezawa…but she’s six and she’s been playing almost three years and I think she might just be my favorite violinist of all time!

Abi’s solo performance.
Her violin solo complete, she takes a bow:
The quick (hence, blurry) bow!

It won’t be too long before Abi performs in a Symphony near you!

Note: Shortly after Abi’s performance, well into another violinist’s performance, William fell asleep and awoke upon hearing the THUD of his own body hitting the floor! Maybe Classical Music just isn’t for him.

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