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 The Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist for a Trouble-Free Home

Given the option, most people would rather spend their Saturday afternoons in the shopping mall than up the ladder cleaning debris out of the gutter. However, as a homeowner, your house comes with as many responsibilities as its benefits. Home maintenance is demanding but necessary.

While the checklist might feel a little burdening to the new homeowner, you won’t feel drained with proper planning and organization. Follow this checklist to keep your house running like a well-oiled machine.

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Conduct HVAC Inspection

HVAC technicians recommend changing your system’s filters at least every month. You could change the filters every 2-3 months after the inspection if you don’t use HVAC units regularly. You should also note that quality air filters will last longer than their inferior counterparts. Changing your HVAC air filters guarantees quality indoor air and improves the overall system performance.

Clean the Drain

Are your sinks or toilets clogged? Have the home drain cleaning remedies backfired? Maybe it’s the low water pressure that keeps you thinking of the condition of your drain. These are clear indications that you need to schedule drain cleaning services. Let the plumber unclog your drains and clear the kitchen sink disposal. You might also want to check out commercial trash compactors to see if you’ll find a disposal bin for your home and avoid clogging your drains.

Adopt a Green Culture

Are you having trouble getting rid of trash appropriately? Avoid the stench by taking out the trash regularly. If you have a garden, you can use the biodegradable waste as a compost pile. During construction or remodeling projects, ensure you get commercial trash compactors to manage dry waste from the project. Ensure you work with a reliable waste management company for excellent results.

Roof Inspection

Your roof protects you, your family, and your belongings all year round. You might want to return the favor and schedule a roof inspection and maintenance service. Check for loose gutters, missing shingles, water damage, rot, leakage, mold growth, pest infestation, sagging rooflines, and curled shingles. Any of these signs should warrant immediate repairs to keep the roof in good condition.

Deep Cleaning

When was the last time your home was deep cleaned your home? Your house deserves some attention every three months for some deep cleaning. Clean all your appliances, windows, rooms, and furniture. Steam clean your carpet to get rid of the accumulating dust. Ensure that your home is dust-free until the next deep cleaning schedule.

Test the Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Your carbon dioxide detector needs to undergo testing to ensure your home is safe. Most of these gadgets come with a test button that allows the user to test the alarm system. If the alarm doesn’t sound, consider replacing the batteries and testing the gadget once again. If it fails to pass the test, clean the terminals, and try again. You should buy another detector or call repair technicians if the test fails.

Plumbing System Inspection

Prevention is better than a cure. When crossing out your home maintenance checklist, include plumbing services where the plumber will check for leaks, low water pressure, foul odor, and other warning signs that something is amiss. Your plumber should fix any damages that may erupt during inspection to save you the burden of costly repairs.

Fix Damaged House Structures

The last thing you want is to encourage pest infestation into your home because you missed a crack on your door frame. Unfortunately, the duct tape won’t fix the problem as you would wish. Consider replacing and repairing these tiny damages as soon as you can to preserve your house structures’ integrity and aesthetic appeal.

Lastly, pay attention to your lawn to maintain its glamour. Clear debris and leaves to keep your lawn as beautiful as ever. With this home maintenance checklist, you will thank yourself for preventing costly damages and repairs. Be sure to use it for preparations ahead of every season.


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