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The Soy Box Feature

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I love the atmosphere a candle creates. It illuminates in a way that makes things “soft” and “warm”. I even love the look of a candle that is unlit. It adds comfort to a room.

Meet Jamie Peters of  Mundelein, IL She is owner and creator behind The Soy Box.

The name evolved in a simple couple’s moment. “My husband and I were brainstorming and he came up with The Soy Box I thought it was cute and I’m glad he was happy to help so we chose the name together.”

The Soy Box is an evolution of a hobby. ” I started making candles as a hobby they were taken so well I started selling them at craft shows and then decided to open up my online shop.”

A natural crafter, Jamies expands her knowledge through many resources. “I’ve always been creative so making things by hand comes natural to me, I learned to make candles from fellow candle makers, videos and books.”

Jamie’s candles are an individual work of art. “My candles are individually handmade no two candles are alike. I put great detail and quality into each candle created!”


There was no hesitation when Jamie was asked what her absolute favorite creation is: “My Coffee Mug Candles!”

She is inspired to create by one of my favorite things…food and baking! “I get a lot of inspiration from baked goodies. I like to create candles that look good enough to eat!”

Her mind is always roaming when it comes to new ideas to implement the process of an item for The Soy Box. “When I see pottery or jars I think I can make a candle out of that! The wheels are always turning, I jot down an idea when it comes to me that way I don’t forget. You never know when you’ll need it!”


When she’s not creating candles, Jamies says, ‘I enjoy going for hikes with the family while enjoying nature with our two dogs.”

One craft that Jamie doesn’t know how to do, but would love to learn is “Crochet, I took one class and found it very difficult. I would love to learn this craft!”


While her life is full Jamie says when it comes to finding time to craft “Any spare time I enjoy crafting and making candles any chance I get. ”

The Soy Box is Jamie’s greatest accomplishment in life thus far. “I am very proud of the hard work it took to open up my own business and I will continue to make it a success.”

Jamie has some pretty great things planned in her future. Ten years from now she wants to share the joy of making candles with others. “At the moment I sell my candles online and at craft shows. In the future I would like to buy a property to open up my own candle and gift shop, I would like to have classes at the shop teaching others how to make candles.”


She’s taking steps to make this dream happen.

You can find The Soy Box “advertised in this years Country Sampler Magazine issues Feb/Mar, Apr/May, June/July this is a great magazine to find country crafts and decorating ideas.”




Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own and were not in any way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.


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