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The Best Stroller Accessories

Strollers are one of the most helpful tools for traveling parents. But you can make the experience better by adding the right stroller accessories.

A stroller is an essential product for parents nowadays. It is a useful moving storage and a travel assist that lessens the burden of traveling with a baby. When paired with a decent infant car seat and base, the travel is almost guaranteed convenient and safe. If you’re a new parent who plans to take your baby into places, a decent stroller is worth the purchase.

A full-size stroller is usually enough for the needs of most parents. But did you know that there is a way to make the experience better? By adding stroller accessories, you can add more functionalities to your unit without buying a new one. Here are some of the best stroller accessories that you might need on your travels with your baby.

Mother pushing daughter in jogging stroller through an urban area.

8 Must-Have Stroller Accessories For Easy Traveling

1. Snack Trays

Feeding your hungry or thirsty baby while traveling is a pain in the neck. You need to have a safe place to put food and water to avoid a mess. A snack tray is for this purpose: a place to contain your and your child’s snacks while maintaining easy access.

2. Stroller Organizer

If you need separate storage for essential objects (like phones and keys), your best bet is to get a stroller organizer. These products are usable with almost any kind of stroller hook. Just install it in your handlebar, and you’re ready to go. Stroller organizers are very convenient to use when shopping or jogging.

3. Straps

You need to add stroller straps to use paperclip bags and other add-on storage. It enables the attachment of additional compartments to the stroller’s handlebar. Most straps in the market are configurable too, just pull the straps to your preferred height.

4. Weather Covers

An in-built stroller canopy is great for sunny days. But these covers would most likely not perform well on rainy and snowy days. Weather covers keep your child protected from weather elements while keeping the inside well-ventilated and at a comfortable temperature.

5. Cup Holders

If you’re a caffeine-lover, you must’ve wondered why not all strollers add cup holders. Most cup holders are made with rubber to keep your drink safe and snug. Just remember to keep the lids close before continuing your daily jog or walk.

6. Extra Hooks

Straps are great if you need to attach one or two additional accessories. But if you have smaller things to carry, you might want to try a mommy hook instead. This accessory lets you clip plastic bags, groceries, and other “clip-able” materials easily. Let your handlebar do the heavy-lifting for you by using stroller hooks.

7. Smartphone Holders

For parents who don’t want to fish out their phones from a stroller organizer, a smartphone order might be a better choice. It is attachable to the handlebar for easy phone access. This accessory is great if you’re checking for your grocery list or checking your jogging route.

8. Stroller Board

A stroller board is an attachable platform where an older child can use to stand when tired. This product is perfect if you want to avoid purchasing double strollers, and if you have a child that is two to six years old.

Another good thing about stroller accessories is that you only need to buy what you need. So if you only need straps, these items are readily available. Stroller manufacturers do make effort for compatibility, so almost every accessory is not model-specific.

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