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The Amazing Benefits of Rowing Machine Workouts

Have you been avoiding the rowing machine at the gym?

You’re not sure what kind of benefits this type of exercise can bring you?

Many people don’t know too much about the rowing machine and how it can help them get the desired body.

Although it may appear like a simple machine that doesn’t do much, you are about to be surprised by the numerous benefits it can offer.

Changing your workout routine is always recommended, so if you want to add the rowing machine to your exercise plan, you may be interested in the benefits mentioned below.

Learn more about the ways a rowing machine can help you tone your body and improve your physical condition.

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Female athlete, rowing machine exercising


You get to work your entire body at once

Are you short on time, and you’re looking for ways to train your entire body in a short time effectively?

Well, in this case, you need the help of a rowing machine.

Believe it or not, the rowing machine can activate up to 85% of your body’s muscles, so you get a rather complex workout without using several machines.

The muscles of your arms, legs, back, and core area work while rowing at the rowing machine.

This will enhance your physical strength and will offer you the chance to perform a great cardiovascular workout.

High-intensity training without a negative impact on the body

If you like going through high-intensity training sessions but you’re afraid that you’ll inflict too much wear and tear on your joints and ligaments, the rowing machine will save you from all the trouble.

What does this mean?

It means that you will be able to train intensely without risking the chance of inducing premature wear and tear to your joints and ligaments.

The rowing machine is gentle on the body while allowing your muscles and heart to train as you desire.

So, if your joints are more sensitive or you injured them while working on the treadmill, switching to the best rowing machine will add only benefits with much lower risks.

You can train more often and lose weight faster

Because it is gentle yet effective, a rowing machine will allow you to work more often without the risk of getting sore or exhausted.

This way, you can burn fat sustainably because this workout will increase your heart rate and keep you from getting sore and painful muscles and joints.

side profile of a young woman exercising on a rowing machine in a gym


It will train your core and bum as well

Among women, training the core muscles and bum are two goals that can be met on most workout plans.

Luckily, the rowing machine can help you tick both of them, shaping your body exactly as you desire.

As you slide back and forth on the machine, you can feel your core contract and relax.

This motion is similar to doing sit-ups but on a slightly smaller scale.

And when you push the seat back, you train the muscles in your lower body area.

So, as you can see, you have a few more reasons to consider the rowing machine as an option for your future training session.

It will help develop a correct posture

Many of us spend way too much time sitting down, slouching over the desk so we can better see at the computer.

Unfortunately, this leads in time to a bad posture, which, in turn, will trigger back pain and discomfort.

If you’re thinking about embracing a more active lifestyle or you already did it, the rowing machine will tone your body while improving your posture as well.

But, to correct your posture with the rowing machine, you will have to execute the exercise correctly.

Keep your back upright as you row, without slouching or compressing your spine too much.

So, focus on posture and position when rowing, and you will develop a correct posture over time.

It will tone your legs

Most people think that the rowing machine helps a ton and develop muscles in the arms and back.

If you also fall into this category, it’s time to know that you’re wrong.

The rowing machine is mostly about the legs and much less about the arms and back.

In other words, it works your legs in a proportion of 60%, while the arms are trained in a proportion of only 20%.

Thus, this machine will offer toned legs in a relatively short period.

If this is one of your goals, then its time to start rowing.

It is a versatile type of training

You can easily achieve the desired goals with the help of a rowing machine.

It can provide both the benefits of HIIT training and the LISS training.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight and burn calories, you can easily go for high-intensity training on the rowing machine.

In case you just want to stay toned and fit, steady-state cardio is another option when training with the rowing machine.

While HIIT helps with burning calories, a steady workout will increase one’s aerobic capacity, which is great if you want to be more resilient regarding sustained physical effort.

You have the possibility to adjust and personalize your training

The rowing machine gives users a chance to enjoy a personalized training session.

So, feel free to adjust the settings of the machine according to your abilities, goals, and desires.

Just bear in mind that setting a higher resistance level will inflict a lot of pressure and force on your back.

Thus, starting at an adequate level may be recommended, increasing the difficulty and resistance as you gain a better physical shape.

You will be able to gain new skills as you row

While the rowing motion may appear to be simple, the truth is that it is possible to develop new skills as you continue using this machine.

You see, the more you use the rowing machine, the better you will get at it and the more effective your training sessions will become.

So, once you start rowing, keep on going, and great results won’t fail to appear.

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