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Tattooed by Inky Review

We’re working on personal hygiene at our house. I can’t smell, but this doesn’t mean I want my kiddos to wreak of sweat and tween hormones. Enter Tattooed by Inky it’s been helping them freshen up.
Tattooed by Inky
Tattooed by Inky just launched collection of body sprays, especially designed with the young crowd in mind. We’re talking five high-adrenaline fragrances (2 for boys, 2 for girls, and 1 for both) that are perfect for the tween/teen on-the-go.  Ideal to throw in their backpacks & gym lockers, these sprays are functional, budget-friendly ($5.99 each) + exceptionally stylish
The Beauty Queen loves the smell of Dove deodorant and the matching body spray, however, Tattooed by Inky let’s her kick up her sass. I love that it is a less costly alternative to other perfumes. It’s mild enough that my husband doesn’t complain and it reminds The Beauty Queen to freshen up. Her favorite is the A Mi Amore. It is a romantic blend of white florals, vanilla and amber.
Li’l Man thinks he’s going on 30. He sweats like a beast. I let him test drive the Tattooed by Inky Drako. It was created for the strong, fiery and enigmatic guy. It has a scent of spices, musk and precious woods. It’s a mild, not over-bearing scent. We had a talk about how a little goes a long way. He is now his own odor-patrol! Even Zac has taken to a spritz!
The trigger allows for a soft and even spritz and it sprays in an area to cover large body parts!
While shopping at Target, we took a detour to check out the other three Tattooed by Inky fragrances:
Monkey Business 
Scent for males that has a bold blend of lavender, leather, pepper, and sandlewood formulated for the smart, funny, no-nonsense guy with a lovable bad boy streak.
Sudden Freedom –
 This scent is designed for the strong and motivated female and contains aquatic florals, pink jasmine, and warm rosewood.
Koi – 
This unisex fragrance is meant for the easy going person with a colorful personality and contains a blend of citrus, ginger, and patchouli.
The Divine Miss M absolutely LOVES Sudden Freedom.
Then along comes fall and as Halloween approaches, no body wants to be “caught dead” in the same costume. Tattooed by Inky has the solution with the launch of their NEW ‘Fright’astic product collection that will make people scream with amazement.
Tattooed by Inky is a high quality body spray collection that comes in Halloween inspired bottles.  Available at Target at the treat price of $5.99 each, which makes it both kid and parent friendly­­­, it’s a sweet addition to any spooky ensemble. Targeted to a young audience, lightly fragranced body sprays have become a popular everyday beauty/grooming essential for both girls and boys. 
These fun bottles are available in the popular Tattooed by Inky fragrances: 
·         Monkey Business (male)- is for the smart, funny, no-nonsense guy with a lovable bad boy streak, so it can really work with any Halloween costume and comes in a scary midnight black bottle.
·         KOI (unisex) – is for the easy going, colorful personality and affectionate nature who also has a resilient strength and courage of convictions, which may come in handy while out Trick- or- Treating.  Koi can really show off your costume and get you in the spirit of the holiday with its pumpkin orange spray bottle. 
*I received Drako and  A Mi Amor by Tattooed by Inky in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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