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4 Ways to Take Your Workout Outside for Summer

Summer weather is either a hit or miss for exercise junkies. Some people like the extra heat, and others avoid the sun at all costs. Even if you like warmer weather, hot temperatures can make working out in the great outdoors pretty unbearable. Still, it’s almost equally as impossible to exercise outside during the winter. Nothing makes a gym membership seem more appealing than fears of slipping on ice.

From the looks of it all, it appears that working out inside is the only way to go—but not so fast, dear reader. Here are four ways to take your workout outside for summer without hating it.

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1. Exercise at Night

If you’re strategic about it, working out in the summer is not as difficult as it seems to be. It is always much cooler in the evening than midday, so you’ll be able to enjoy those consistent temperature drops when you exercise.

If you work out in well-lit areas like neighborhoods and main streets, you’ll still be able to see where you’re going in the dark. Just remember to dress accordingly so that you can stay safe by ensuring that others can see you. Consider buying glow-in-the-dark bracelets, running caps, or vests to remain visible at night.

2. Exercise in the Morning

The earlier you can get yourself out the door, the cooler you’ll stay working out. Early morning is the coolest time of day, so you’ll have a window of pleasant weather for exercise if you plan to incorporate this into your morning routine. If you’re able to get your sneakers on before the sun’s out, you’ll also have more time to exercise before the weather heats up, suggests

Speaking of sneakers, make sure you’re wearing the best long-distance running shoes for clocking miles, say the experts at Road Runner Sports. You’ll stay cooler on your feet with breathable footwear.

3. Use Cooling Agents

If you have to exercise during primetime sunshine, avoid feeling like you’re sweating in a sauna and be strategic about the ways that you can stay cool. Essential oils are used to alleviate tension because of their cooling effects on the body.

You’ll notice that if you place peppermint oil on your wrist or forehead, it will burn and then produce a cooling effect, lowering your body temperature as a result, explains This perfect fire and ice combo can help you stay cool and reduce bodily tension while you’re working up a sweat.

Dap on a few drops of cooling ointment before you start your workout, and you’ll likely stay much more comfortable working out in the summer. If you’re not into cooling agents, consider taking a cold shower before you head out for your workout. You can wake your body up faster and stay cooler with wet hair.

4. Switch to Laps

If you have access to an outdoor pool, switch out your typical cardio for swimming laps. Not only will you stay cool, but you’ll most likely burn even more calories than you would otherwise due to your movement against the water.

Swimming is a great way to combine cardio and strength training. See if your neighborhood has a community pool, or ask to use your neighbor’s pool if you’re pals. If you don’t like swimming laps, take up a recreational water sport or join a water aerobics class as a change of pace.

The Bottom Line

Taking your workout outside for the summer is worth the effort to stay comfortable in the heat. The benefits of being surrounded by nature, especially during exercise, are trifold: your body, mind, and spirit will thank you for setting your fitness goals outside.

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