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The Supermodel Supermoms’ Club 

Moms Who Happen to be World-Known Models

The toned physiques and the busy schedules make it hard to believe that many models are moms because one would think they don’t have enough time to raise a child. But it looks that it’s a rite of passage among supermodels to have a baby and then bounce back to walking on the runway and shooting magazine covers immediately afterward.

For example, Alessandra Ambrosio, a world-known model, walked on the runway three months after giving birth to her first child. She also attended Victoria’s Secret show while pregnant with her second child.

But you shouldn’t have the misconception that there is a miracle that supermodel moms bounce back to work after giving birth. 

Every one of the supermodels who is also a mom and returned to work weeks after giving birth is a master of multitasking and time management, considering the demands of their careers and personal lives.  

Supermodel moms show that women don’t have to pick between their work life and motherhood because they can do both.

The It-girls who walk in Channel, Victoria’s Secret, and Dior show look to have it all.

It’s fascinating to see how many baby bumps are crashing the red carpet these days and how many others are walking the runway.

A couple of years ago, no designer would feature a pregnant model on their shows, but now they cannot be happier to customize the outfits and put the supermodels who’re on their way to become moms into the spotlight. 

Here is a list of proud moms who also happen to be supermodels. 

Catwalk on fashion show

Naomi Campbell

Everyone was surprised when Naomi announced that she is ready to start her journey to motherhood at 50 years. No one imagined that Naomi Campbell is planning to get pregnant. The supermodel revealed that she welcomed a baby girl on Instagram, and the internet was soon to congratulate the mother on her bundle of joy. She received warm wishes from both famous and regular people who were happy to see that she accomplished her dream. Designers like Donatella Versace and Marc Jacobs weren’t late to share their joy with the news. With this announcement, Naomi Campbell proved once again that she is a showstopper in all fields. And even if she joins the supermodel supermoms club later, her fellow supermodels are more than happy to welcome her. 

Here are some other members of the club.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid also welcomed a baby girl named Khai with her boyfriend, Zayn Malik. The young parents are happy to start a new chapter of their lives together with their child and are often seen walking together on the streets of New York. The supermodel was quite active during her pregnancy and luckily didn’t need bed rest. Soon after giving birth, she went back to work, knowing that her baby is in good hands while she’s walking on the runway or shooting fashion campaigns.  

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford may be contemporary to Naomi Campbell, but she didn’t wait until her 50s to have a baby. She was quite young when she had Kaia Gerber, who is now one of the most popular supermodels worldwide. And even if Cindy is juggling between managing her supermodel career and the one of her girl, she looks as beautiful as ever, and everyone is gasping for air when she enters a room. It’s not hard to see that Kaia got her talent from her mother and walks down in her footsteps. 

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen seems to look better from one day to another, and she turns heads everywhere, no matter if she walks on the runway or red carpet. When she’s not modeling for top brands, she is the proud mama of two children. She loves to spend time at home watching them grow and thinks that being a mother is one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences of her life. Her children inspire her daily and prove to her that there is no bigger love than the one of a mother.  

How do all supermodel moms manage to look so good after giving birth?

You may wonder how these supermodels are able to bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies so soon after giving birth. Their strict diets, exercise routine, and many employees helping them are important factors in dropping pounds fast. However, even if some of them manage to bounce back in their pre-pregnancy bodies, many find it impossible to do it, and they’re not afraid to share their stories online. 

Supermodels aren’t afraid to sweat and follow strict diets

Regular exercise and dieting are necessary for supermodels who want to get fit after having a baby. They love exercising because it also makes them feel more energetic and stronger, and they need to feel this way when they have a little one roaming around. Results come quicker and easier when the mother likes the exercises she practices.  

Supermodels also feast on healthy foods and drink plenty of mom tea both during pregnancy and after giving birth. No one needs a nutritionist to know that eating an apple is better than a bag of chips. Supermodels usually avoid sweets and fats as a job requirement. The secret to bouncing back fats is to start eating right and being active during pregnancy and not stop after having a baby.   

Supermodels don’t apologize for me time

Only because they have a baby, they don’t leave their work or hobbies behind. They try to find a way to balance all aspects of their life, and they don’t give up the hobbies and responsibilities that define them as individuals. A few activities can make a huge difference in their happiness quotient and help them recover their pre-pregnancy body faster. They ask their partners to step in and help them care for the baby, and they also work with babysitters and other specialists to ensure there’s always someone to care for the baby when they’re not around. 

And of course, they don’t neglect couple-time because the kids aren’t the only ones who need attention. 


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