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Summer Home Trends in North Carolina Real Estate

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If you’re looking to buy or sell a property this summer in North Carolina, there are unique trends that will impact the market this season and in the future. Knowing what the trends are in summer real estate can help you get more house for your money or find the right buyer for your home. Here are the things you need to know about the hot North Carolina real estate market this summer.

home trends in North Carolina

Summer Home Trends in North Carolina Real Estate

Natural Light

One trend that is becoming more popular with potential home buyers and homeowners looking for new design ideas is the importance of natural light. Buyers want to have plenty of natural light options, such as walls of windows, large sliding glass doors with scenic views, and much more that help brings the sunshine into the property. Natural light helps homeowners manage heat a little better in the mild North Carolina winters as well.

Green Energy

Green energy is another important factor in a home buyer’s decision to purchase a property. If you’re trying to sell, it’s essential to look for ways your home can use greener energy sources, such as solar, wind, or geothermal. The rising costs of utilities and the desire to create a smaller carbon footprint is a big motivating factor for buyers. If you’re seeking a new home to buy, you’ll see more options for homes that run on cheaper, green energy than the traditional model.

Sustainable Materials

An eco-friendly home isn’t just one that has smarter energy sources. Homes of the future also aim to use sustainable materials for construction and any type of remodeling project. For homeowners wanting to market their property in the best light, make sure you choose sustainable building materials for any new projects, such as bamboo, concrete, recycled steel, or straw. New construction may be more likely to offer properties that are entirely built using these type of materials.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Eco-friendliness is also important in the way a property uses its largest appliances, such as heating and air conditioners, water heaters, kitchen appliances, and washers and dryers. Homeowners in North Carolina who want to get the top selling price for their property on the market can upgrade to energy-efficient appliances. Buyers can save more money over time if they focus on looking for homes that use less energy and have smaller utility bills with the most efficient appliances on the market.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

Outdoor entertaining is another trend that more buyers are paying attention to. In North Carolina, the longer summer season means outdoor entertaining spaces get heavy use. Buyers want attractive and spacious outdoor patios with plenty of seating options, landscaped yards, and outdoor cooking appliances. A great outdoor space should contain some sort of deck or patio created from natural stone or concrete. You can also have built-in seating, a pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a beautiful lawn to complete the look. Realtors at the Troy Flack Group can give you some tips about what attracts buyers.

Beachfront Properties

North Carolina is also home to miles of pristine beach with access to the Atlantic Ocean. Buyers looking for vacation homes want beachfront properties on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as Oak Island, Cape Hatteras, Corolla, Carolina Beach, and Nags Head. These buyers may be seeking a small place for regular getaways or a large property to rent out for extra income.

Mountain Resort Locations

North Carolina’s western region is also a selling point for people looking for mountainside properties. The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Smoky Mountains have plenty of quiet spots that allow you to get a peaceful retreat. Homes in Asheville, Boone, and Waynesville offer plenty to do and see for potential buyers.

More Millennial Home Buyers

The last trend to pay attention to as a seller or a buyer is the millennial buyer. More buyers from this generation are making the leap to becoming a homeowner. They’re looking for more attractive prices, more features, and a unique story in their potential home. Smart sellers can cater to these buyers and help move their properties off the market much faster.

It’s vital to stay informed about the latest trends in North Carolina real estate if you want to find the perfect home or the right buyer for a property. Doing so makes much more financial sense and can help you achieve your personal dreams.

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