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Statement Jewelry for A Summer Date

The past year has not been easy on us, to say the least. We have been inside our homes all this while, and now, when things are looking a little better, a summer date would be a great idea. Just spending some time with your loved one at your favorite place, having your favorite food is all we need in these rough times.

Speaking about a summer date, you might want to put a little more thought into how you will accessories yourself. After attending endless zoom calls from your home, you sure do want to look your best on your first post-lockdown date. From minimalistic necklaces to gemstone rings, there are many options out there, and in all honesty, only a few of them are statement pieces. You should wear something that genuinely reflects your vibrant personality, and for that reason, we have put together a list of statement jewelry pieces that you can adorn on your first post-lockdown date. Read on.

Statement Jewelry for A Summer Date

  1. Minimalistic Necklaces

As we enter a new era of fashion, modern and minimal jewelry styles have become the latest fascination that provides an understated charm and elegance to any ensemble. They are sleek unfussy, add enough intricate details to the outfit without looking overbearing. While there are different polished designs, such as a silver chain with drop pendants and solitaire necklaces, you can even go with layered necklaces in neutral tones with a few accent colors that’ll give it an eye-popping effect. For a monochromatic look, a Shungite necklace does well to break a lighter-shade outfit and can be versatile to work with since it’s delicate. Another tip would be to pair the necklace with a few other pieces of minimalistic jewelry such as drop danglers, a stack of rings, anklets, and more to complete the overall look without looking cluttered.

  1. Chunky Metal Bracelets

Chunky metal bracelets can take your style statement to a whole new level. They are a new favorite of fashionistas worldwide for a simple reason – their versatility. They can be adorned with several outfits and flaunted on almost all occasions. There are a lot of material choices available, too – the hot ones being the platinum, gold, and silver ones. Stacking it along with a plain band or any personalized bracelets on your first post lockdown date would surely make you feel more confident about your style statement.

  1. Choker Necklaces

After a wave of turtlenecks, hoodies, and jackets, it’s finally time to let go of any extra layer and bask in the warm sun for a beautiful summer tan. This means experimenting with different accessories choosing between various pops of colors, fun shapes, and lots of different necklace styles. While chokers have been officially in and out of the fashion scene, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be wearing them to your next date. You may opt for some layered seashell charms, beads, motifs, or engraved gold disks to give it a personal touch. Personalized jewelry can add a touch of mystery and intrigue to your date and allow you to interact more openly.

  1. Gemstone Rings

While there’s an endless list of jewelry trends that have kept us engaged these last few years, one of them clearly stands out for its ethereal charm and natural beauty – rings made out of dripping gemstones. Jewelry designers have moved past rubies, and sapphires are now experimenting with all-natural tones of peridots, amethysts, tourmalines, topaz, garnets, and more to birth exciting new shapes and styles. While diamonds run amongst every jewelry enthusiast’s dreams, personalized rings with encrusted jewels or birthstones have become a new favorite item. You can style the ring with an elegant silhouette on a fantastic summer evening and allow it to be a great conversation starter for your special date.

  1. Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets are a perfect expression of your love for diamonds and all things sparkly. They’re dainty, sophisticated, and utterly charming with the subtle brilliance of layered diamonds lined neatly one after the other. However, the latest editions of this iconic jewelry piece have allowed women to switch from diamonds to other precious stones such as aquamarine, emeralds, and tanzanite, to give it an enchanting and unique look. Women can wear an elegant Pink Sapphire bracelet for a romantic dinner date, which will add a hint of femininity and sparkle to their ensemble. One can even pick a Shungite bracelet if they’re looking for a versatile, chic, and subtle piece. The black metallic carbon-rich mineral protects the wearer from harmful electromagnetic fields released from the high usage of mobiles, desktops, and other gadgets. Women can pair it with their formal or casual outfits to add a touch of glam and statement to their style. 


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