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How to Start Your Indoor Garden

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Here comes another opportunity of winter for you to start your indoor garden by growing your plants indoors.

Doing the planting indoors gives you a chance to control the availability of the requirements like water so that your plants can get to the right level of productivity.

Most people still fear the chilly environment outside.

They tend to avoid doing outside gardening.

You, therefore, got a chance to shift from the outdoor gardening and maybe be among the first people who get a chance to harvest fresh veggies and flowers during summer.

It all starts now.

Here are the necessary steps you got to follow to start yourself off:

Learn how to start your indoor garden during the winter to harvest fresh veggies and flowers during summer.

How to Start Your Indoor Garden

Step 1: choosing and buying plant seeds

You first have to select the type of plant you want to invest in.

Do you want to plant flowers or vegetables?

The choice you make depends on the space you have, the need you want to meet, and also the financial budget you have for the activity.

Once you make a choice, now you can go ahead and buy the seeds.

If you are a perfectionist who is delighted in getting the best result, then you will have to go for the best seeds.

Today, the best seeds are available with online vendors.

The newer varieties of flowers and vegetables in the form of seedlings are not yet stocked in most stores.

To have them in your indoor garden, you may have to start with the seeds themselves.

An advantage of starting with the seeds is that it is cheaper to buy seeds than seedlings.

The same amount you ought to use in buying seedlings can give you a large number of seeds.

You only need to be patient a bit to use less amount of money to have more than enough seedlings.

If anything, indoor gardening does not demand for seasons.

Step 2: prepare containers

Getting containers for placing your seedlings once they germinate is not tricky.

Any empty container can be used.

The only thing you need to do is to make holes on the bottom of the container so that excess water can drain out.

If the water fails to drain and settles on the bottom part of the container, the roots of the plants which rest on the water may rot.

If you had done this before and so you have the containers, it could save you some cost.

However, you will need to disinfect them so that they do not carry along pests and diseases to your new plants.

The disinfection process is simple.

Get your bleaching agent and mix it with water at the ratio of one to nine.

Sock the tins for about five minutes then rinse in clean water.

You are good to go with the containers.

You can now add soil with nutrients on the containers and plant your seeds.

Remember to water them.

Step 3: Locate the indoor garden

Once you have planted your seeds, you got to choose a location indoor where you want to have the plants grow.

At the initial stage, before they germinate, they need more or warmth than light.

Therefore, you can place them in a location which is a bit warm.

The artificial LED bulbs are a good source of warmth for your plants.

When the plants have started germinating, they will need more light but also the warmth.

You, therefore, need to relocate them in case the initial location does not have light.

If you can locate a space next to the window which allows natural light, it can be a good step.

However, you can still boost the natural lights with the typical bulb light.

Step 4: soil preparation

Preparing soil for planting your seedlings indoor is not complicated.

You can choose to add organic animal wastes to add more nutrients.

Do not wait until the plants are too big to be transplanted.

At the same time, do not plant the seedling outdoors too early.

Allow them mature.

Depending on the type of containers you used to plant the seedlings, you may transfer them easily.

Most people refer to modifying magazines to make the containers so that when the transplantation time comes, he or she can move the seedling to a different location without necessarily uprooting it.

Step 5: watering

It is sometimes tricky to come up with the right amount of water for both the seeds and the seedling.

The regulator for this step is merely the holes in the container which you used.

You do not want to over-water your plants.

To maintain the moisture, you can place a wet rug on top of the soil but which you must ensure that you remove once the seedlings start germinating.

The soil should always be moist.

You can use your fingers to find out if the water is being absorbed in the soil.

Don’t overwater as too much water starts running off, hence washing away some of your seeds.

Step 6: light the indoor garden

A cool and warm fluorescent bulb can provide the light that you need.

It does not matter the type of plant.

What matters is the intensity and the frequency of the light.

Once you have a full spectrum of light, you have to worry no more about how to bring in natural light.

While going with the artificial light, you got to place it at least six inches above the plant.

If you put it too close, it may wither your plants hence giving you a massive loss.

At such a point, you have two options.

You can either raise the container next to the bulb or lower the bulb to a closer level with the plants.

Proper lighting can guarantee you leafy veggies and a blooming flower.

It is one of the last steps to harvesting, and so you should not destroy what you have been doing all through.

This is the chance you got to dominate the market with fresh veggies and blooming flowers.

If you have been wondering how to go about indoor gardening yet you have the desire, here is the chance for you.

It all starts with a step.

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