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Before Vaping CBD Oil Keep These Things In Mind

Since vaping has become a hype, vaping CBD oil has also become quite popular.

However, knowing what exactly you are vaping is extremely important because otherwise, it can harm your health.

If you want to know more about vaping CBD oil, read this article in which we cover everything regarding vaping CBD, from the dosage to the side effects.

This will allow you to make a more informed decision if you are actually to do it.

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What types of CBD oils can be vaped?

 CBD oil, which is often confused with THC oil, is not supposed to be inhaled since it is comprised of substances that can be dangerous when inhaled.

Many people don’t research this before using these oils, so they put themselves in a risky situation regarding their health.


Before Vaping CBD Oil, Keep These Things In Mind

Here are some of the oils that can be used for vaping:

CBD vape juice: some oils are explicitly made for vaping; however, they don’t consist of any oils.

These juices are distilled versions of CBD, and they have ingredients that are safe to take orally.

To identify the right type of vape juice, you need to read the ingredients cautiously, and it should have things like PG, VG, and CBD extract.

Vape juices also popularly go by the name of vape juices, and e juices which essentially means that they don’t have any oils in them.

Cartridges: the CBD vape cartridge looks like slim cartridges filled with vape friendly substances.

These pods can be used in different types of e-cigarettes, such as the JUUL or Caliburn.

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What is the right dosage?

This ultimately depends on the individual taking the CBD because everyone’s bodies will react differently.

If this is your first time vaping, you should start slowly and work your way up.

A normal pod will contain around 100 mg, and you will inhale 1 mg of CBD, the normal starting dosage.

If you feel like you want a stronger dosage, try inhaling 5-6 mg of CBD later on, but make sure you give it a little time to kick in before you take another puff.

The recreational dosage of CBD is around 35 mg, but if you are vaping CBD for medicinal purposes, it might go up to 150 mg.

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What are the potential side effects? 

While there aren’t many intense side effects of CBD, there are some that everyone should know about before they vape CBD.

These side effects include drowsiness, hunger, bloodshot eyes, and even a little euphoria if you take a higher dose.

If you take small doses of the CBD vape, you might not even feel anything, but you should start with lower amounts of mg before you work your way up.

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