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Smooth Feet Made Easy with Legendary Apothecary

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We all know bare feet leads to dry feet. As summer winds down, I’m pampering my feet with Legendary Apothecary, an organic, vegan, cruelty-free, smooth feet artisan foot care, founded in Los Angeles, California.

Smooth Feet has just three ingredients: vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol, and lavender oil. It’s packaged in eco-friendly packaging that is 100-percent sourced in the USA.

Details can be the devil. Smooth Feet’s label experienced 50 revisions before it emerged with the look of distressed, aged paper.

legendary apothecary Smooth Feet's label

I love the wax seal that closes the packaging. It makes it feel special, like a gift from somewhere long ago.

Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet maximizes the use of the three simple ingredients.

  • The glycerin attracts water and helps seal in moisture.
  • The grain alcohol helps the glycerin penetrate the skin, acting as a natural preservative.
  • The Lavender Oil has antioxidant properties and serves as the fragrance.

legendary apothecary smooth feet with ingredients

These three organic ingredients are soaked up by your skin to soften, smooth, and hydrate. It’s an Old World recipe passed down from co-creator Sara Saidy’s grandmother Masy. Each bottle provides 30-50 uses.

Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet is easy to use. Simply add one full dropper of the concoction to clean, dry feet before bedtime. Allow it to completely dry before walking or putting on socks.

It’s thick enough it doesn’t drip and run everywhere. It is also easily absorbed into the skin.

The fragrance is a mild lavender scent. It is not overpowering, but very subtle.

legendary apothecary smooth feet

It is somewhat sticky. The first night I applied it, I followed the instructions but did not put on socks. I woke up feeling the difference as my feet felt softer, but I didn’t like how it felt on my feet with the sheets.

The next night, once the Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet was completely dry, I put on socks. It was a much better night’s sleep and my feet felt even more incredible.

In the beginning, you’ll want to use it three or four times a week–I use it daily because it is amazing and I love pampering my feet at the end of the day. As your feet improve, you can use it once or twice a week.

My feet feel better and are looking amazing. Winter doesn’t stand a chance drying out my feet now that I’m armed with Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet.

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